Love Land, solo exhibit by Adam Handler at Cohle Gallery

This May, the Cohle Gallery is pleased to announce the highly anticipated new exhibition of American artist Adam Handler, running May 18-29, 2022. Following his solo performance, Twinkling Unknowns, in 2021, Adam is back at Love Land and is currently present for the inauguration, Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

Within a few years, Adam Handler’s popularity stopped growing. Born in 1986 in Queens NY, he grew up on Long Island. As a child and teenager, he spent countless hours in framing workshops with his grandparents in New York. There, his love for art grew and at the age of 18, he made the decision to develop his creative abilities. He left to study drawing in Italy and then graduated from Purchase College in New York in 2008 with a specialization in art history.

Adam works with kindness, taking inspiration from his feelings now and playing with colors. Her process promotes feelings of freedom and excitement, where surprises can be seen at any hour. The artist’s faux-naive style, his bright colors, aims to express emotions to the audience and not to lead to a reflection on the work.

The title of the exhibition Love Land is taken from a song about two lovers called “Loveland”, by the German group Milky Chance. Her paintings talk about love and relationships. The viewer is confronted with the idea of ​​unconditional love, which emphasizes the importance of accepting love in all its forms. The artist’s goal above all is to challenge an emotional connection between the public and the work. “Whatever that bond is, whether it is joy or sadness, excitement or fear… I am looking for pure emotion. I want people to see things from a new perspective. For artists, our view of representation is very diverse and so it would be invigorating when someone could get a new worldview after seeing my work. »

The exhibition will mark an evolution in Adam’s work as he introduces new topics, seeing them interact with his already established characters such as ghost and woman. His work shakes between sweetness and sorrow, the desire of yesterday or tomorrow; the placement of its subjects in the universe only attests to the uncertainties we face; like the unknown universe. For the artist, painting serves as a means of self -examination, acting as healing tools through which he can examine his own psyche.


Adam’s subjects were inspired by his wife, whom he met while studying and drawing in Italy. Attracted by her eyes, she began to draw female figures with large round eyes. Exploration of this subject has evolved over the years from the figurative to the abstract, gradually becoming the faux-naive style it is now known. He was also influenced by the work of abstract expressionist artist, Willem DeKooning, and especially by his atypical representations of the human form. Talking about his role as an artist, Adam explains: “My role as an artist is not only to bring joy to myself and my family in the life I lead, but, in my little life in this world, to give a touch of joy, love, emotions and all. which is true of people. who have decided to pause for a moment just to watch. »

This new series of works promises lots of imaginative and colorful paintings, created in Adam’s faux-naive style. He explores themes such as relationships, emotions and empathy, always with a clear palette and exaggerated forms to make the audience feel like they are somewhere else.

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