DaniLeigh mentions her “toxic” relationship with DaBaby… The rapper reacts

New episode of chaotic story linking DaBaby and DaniLeigh, who had a daughter in August 2021… The singer told about their relationship!

Often involved in controversies or cases of violence, DaBaby also has to handle her story with her ex, DaniLeigh, who gave birth to their daughter in August 2021, and who the relationship is – starting at the end of 2019 – turned tragic. Arguing live on Instagram, violent arguing in real life, fight with the girl’s brother who wants to defend her … they have just experienced their adventure in the new twist of the 27-year-old singer who returned to the incident back then. Sunday, November 14, 2021. That day, as they were changing DaBaby’s (and she was streaming the scene on Instagram Live), in the presence of their son, so The rapper wants to evict his ex-girlfriend (and their children) from his house, and even called the police to intervene to claim he was attacked. After that, DaniLeigh was already charged 2 counts of assault. 6 months later, he broke the silence on this event that made headlines, and on his relationship with the father of his 8-month-old daughter, named Velor, with his new single called I’m deadThe fire

DaniLeigh – I’m dead :

DaBaby sued for hitting the owner of a villa he rented

The end of a story …

In this R&B title, in the form of a diss-track, DaniLeigh sings the end of their story: “You know you’re dead to me / I don’t have time for this poisonous energy”he released, before continuing: “Mom doesn’t really like your ass/Brother wants to fight your ass/Dad hates your useless ass/My dog ​​wants to bite your ass …” He also recounts that DaBaby cheated on him, which led to their argument this famous month of November: “You cheated on me with all these dogs / Thinking I didn’t know / You cheated on me, little kid …” he then concluded, “That pussy is no longer yours”. The young mother also told about her story to the author of Rockstar during an interview with popular New York journalist, Angie Martinez, posted this May 10 on YouTube : “Baby… and I have been together for about, 3 years and no. It’s poisonous. We had some great times. We fell in love … He had a little fight and so on, so we broke up for a month and came back … We broke up a lot. There is a lot of repetition. ” Then about the fact that he called law enforcement to kick him out of his house in November, Dani added: “I was so greedy because I just had our baby,” saying that he never apologized. And she hopes DaBaby doesn’t post their argument on Instagram, because maybe one day their daughter will see the video. He then explained the difficulty of maintaining their relationship as separated parents, a real “challengebut most of all he was confident that he had already moved on, now taking better care of himself: “I just learned to love myself more… Because I feel like I love him so much that I just give it my all… I’m not focused on my career.” Finally, He talks about his new 7-track EP, My Sidefrom which it is taken Dead to me: “I feel like this project is the end of this story for me, just to be able to move on in the next chapter of life. Being able to focus on enjoying life, being a mother and living in a positive light.

DaBaby responded on Instagram…

In the Instagram story, DaBaby wanted to respond to her ex’s speech, she explained. he was trying to take advantage of the situation to make his buzz and continue his career… But for him, the main thing is to take good care of his daughter, whom he named “his princess”. He stated: “I would have responded differently, but I united myself and decided to respond this way. First of all, I think you’ve been waiting a long time. I told you last December that you need to take advantage of the situation, but now I think it’s a bad decision. I also feel like it’s a technique on your label so you can release the interview with your new song. I have the impression that you are revealing your game.But I have the impression that you would have better organize it. He then returned to the fight with DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, who explained that before the fight, he had slept with her. He also wants to give some explanation of the day he kicked him out of his house, and of his behavior in general: I think you need to tell people the real reason I fired you. Because you bullied the mom of my other child (DaBaby has multiple children from multiple girls, editor’s note). And that’s why I had to make a tweak in November. […] I grew up, I grew up. I don’t have to co-exist with someone who’s too toxic and doesn’t deserve me, you know what I mean? So, I owe no explanation to the world for any of this, and even if I could clear my name, I could go on. ” Finally, he throws his final complaints at Dani, calling him a historian: “I don’t want our son to be affected, but I don’t want you to be around me anymore.[…] You affected my relationship with my other kids because you created stories. You just have to stay where you are. ”

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