Bringing your dog into an open space, is the key to being more productive at work

Does it break your heart when you have to leave your little furball at home while you go to work? Have you ever considered taking it with you? If the idea seems unusual at first glance, it’s not so silly! Actually, bringing your dog to work has many advantages for your mental health, but also for the economic activity of your company. In the United States, Japan and Canada, the trend has been on the rise for many years now: more and more companies are allowing their employees to accompany Médor. Since 2003, there has even been a “Bring Your Dog To Work” day, which is why all companies are invited to allow their employees to return their dog to their workplace.

How to procrastinate less?

Good in spirit

While the beneficial impact of animals on human morality has been proven many times over, now companies are also finding it more productive when employees have contact with animals. Employees say they feel happier, less stressed, more flexible and less anxious than normal. In addition, for some large well -known companies, the workplace dog has become commonplace. Google, Amazon and even Etsy, for example, are part of these companies that are recognized as “dog friendly”, i.e. accepting dogs in their area. If our doggies don’t need to be welcomed yet, bringing your dog to work is starting to spread. According to the first experiments conducted around the world, the presence of an animal can be comforting and reassuring, but not only … are you looking for arguments that will succeed in convincing your employer? Here are a few that are sure to change your mind!

Better team cohesion

If accepted by your peers, your dog will become a little open-space mascot. It will bring a friendly and more peaceful atmosphere without disturbing you. Companies that have already experienced this have always agreed that dogs in offices carry a positive overall feeling and that they have the ability to unite employees on their own, revealing themselves in a new way. the light.

A source of motivation

Caring for a dog can relieve stress and be relaxing. Especially since your dog loves to bark. Keeping your dog at work also makes it easier to move around and clear your mind: you go out for fresh air when he needs to rest himself, and you take him for a short walk. .. if your colleagues want. create some sort of walking schedule to give everyone a good excuse to get some fresh air every now and then. minutes.

An open mind

Finally, the last argument you can make with your employer if all this isn’t enough is that a company that allows dogs to work is considered more modern and compatible in today’s society. In any case, this is revealed in a study conducted by Holidog, Europe’s leader in animal services. It is true that in the pandemic and widespread telecommuting, employees spend most of their day at home caring for their dog while working. Following this, many companies agreed to return them with their four -legged animal. The result? Employee productivity increased tenfold! So, the rest is to find a place to install the Medor bowl and you’re done!

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