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He returned, calmer than before. Thor, the god of lightning composed by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is offering his fourth solo film in the grand Marvel fresco with a new feature film called “Love and Thunder“(love and lightning). The opportunity to finally discover what happens to our superhero after his great anger and his little depression duringAvengers: Last Game.

You may be happy to have discovered the trailer but miss a few little hidden details here and there. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer you a little capture session.

1- The opening scene shows us a young Thor running in the woods. A way to see Thor as a kid and also Thor as a teenager to have very vintage costume from the first comics (and his famous winged helmet). An appointment that comics fans will definitely appreciate.

2 – During the last films, Thor loses his line and his muscles due to events inInfinity War. The trailer shows our god of thunder returning to gym class as he returns to godly cross-fit training. We see him maneuvering a giant chain in “undulating rope” mode, all wearing hats ”Most powerful of the Avengers“. A way for him to reclaim the title he had given himself Thor: Ragnarok.

A cosmic plot

3 – In this trailer, we learn that Thor has left the path of combat for a living pacifist, away from the fight. He planted his great ax in the ground. The opportunity may be to regenerate our good old Groot who lost his arm to make this amazing weapon. The latter also produces the same light as Bifrost. So it is likely that Thor will be able to teleport from one corner of the universe to another in an instant thanks to this handy tool.

4 – In this movie, we don’t just see Thor. Lord star and other Guardians of the Galaxy (besides Gamora) are also in the game. We will see the latter with a bluish alien species, perhaps the “Gidili”a race given the power of premonition in comics. Woman Sif the fearsome Asgardian warrior talks about it in the series SHIELD Agents and we know that the actress who played it at MCU, Jaimie Alexander, will be back. Thor has a particularly rock’n’roll new outfit with a sleeveless burgundy leather jacket. A re-appointment of a costume from the comics.

5- We also see a saint dressed in gold proudly wearing the symbol of lightning. This is it Russell Crow who will take on the Greek god Zeus, or at least his Marvel interpretation. We can now imagine the rivalry of the two gods of thunder.

The return of Jane Foster

6- In this trailer, we also have news on Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Thor’s ex -girlfriend in the first movies – probably through his temporary association with Ether (one of the Infinity Stones) – was able to use Thor’s famous hammer: Mjollnir. A hammer that Hela (Cate Blanchett of Ragnarok) has still broken but seems to have been repaired. She appears at the end of the trailer as Mighty Thor, the female version of the superhero. Not too surprisingly, we find Valkyrie seemingly frankly tired of her costume as queen of New Asgard.

7- One last detail not seen in this trailer: the birth of the big bad movie. Thor has to fight a god shredder named Gorr. This is it Christian Bale who would embody this character who was originally very pious but wanted revenge for the adaptation of the gods after the death of his family. He will use the cursed sword that will allow him to slay the immortal gods.

In style speaking, this film borrows a lot from the images of the 80s and a very rock aspect as shown in the use of the song. Sweet Baby O ‘Mine Guns and roses. We can also count on crazy director Taika Waititi to inject a good dose of humor and second degree into her screenplay. Thor: Love and Thunder released in France on July 13, 2022.

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