Police dog Hagrid, new asset to the Périgueux canine brigade

11 months, wet nose and shiny coat: under his turbulent wind, the friendly dog ​​is a terrific perfume machine that has just joined the Périgueux gendarmerie brigade

In the Dordogne, you will find Saint-Huberts. Especially on Sundays in the winter. He is an exceptional hunting dog. From Belgium, these large cows that seemed to live in skin too large for him would have been brought from Great Britain by William the Conqueror.

The short hair, the hanging tongue, the dripping lips and the soft ears, it is the image of a good big good dog. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Because on the other end of a tail wagging in good humor hides a terrible organ: The legendary Saint-Hubert truffle!

The 300 million olfactory cells, 6 times more than the average homo sapiens, making it a very good hunting dog also makes it a very good one. sleuth for law enforcement. Its sensors allow tracks to be tracked by scent with exceptional accuracy. A A popular detection dog in the United States, where it is used to identify criminals and, less glorious, to track escaped slaves. At the time, Saint-Hubert’s nose identification was still accepted as evidence in local courts. Because Saint-Hubert, once it’s on your nose, it’s never released.

Now this identified police dog continues to search for missing or fugitives, escaping from prison as distracted hikers. He still needs to be given a minimum education so that he can carry out his job non -stop at every tree to check the business cards of his congeners.

This is all the work that has been done since October Raphaël, policeman of the canine brigade in Périgueux with Hagrid (named Rubeus Hagrid, furry character from Harry Potter). Two years of training program, the truffle in the wind, to learn how to climb the slopes without being distracted by the surroundings.

On the bipedal side, physical work to frame this half of the quintal is very demonstrative muscle. And in the case of Toutou, anti-speciesists can be assured, training and work have nothing to do with Hagrid, on the contrary.

It’s a game for him. A dog that doesn’t play is a dog that doesn’t move. So in the gendarmerie, we really only recruit playful dogs.

Raphaël, police dog, owner of Hagrid

Already following the tracks with talent like a pro, Hagrid looks very good and makes his master constable happy. Raphaël did not hide his joy of working with a loving teammate, to the point that the two teammates now live under the same roof. Next January, the big deadline for two companions, Hagrid will take his tracker dog exam. An examination that he will no doubt do with flying colors, even on the fingers of the nose.

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