On Netflix and Canal+: 3 love-filled series to watch this Wednesday

This Wednesday, the editorial staff of CNET France invites you to spend an evening on the theme of love in all its forms, even the most troubled! Through three series available for SVoD streaming on Netflix and Canal+ (via myCanal), identify characters who love each other with a capital A.

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Discover without delay the series Can control the heart, love and Killing Eve.

Which series will you watch or watch again on Netflix and Canal+ tonight?

A touching series: Heartstopper (Netflix)


The new friendship between Nick and Charlie quickly became something the two teenagers didn’t see to come. Surrounded by their friends, they started us with their first discovery of love, identity and self -acceptance.

The opinion of CNET France

Can control the heart for an LGBT series of teenagers who are unlike any other in its authenticity and positivity. He invites us to follow the growing love between Nick and Charlie, two boys who seemed less alike before finding an unparalleled relationship.

Beyond his consistent goodness, the energy of Can control the heart is in the gentleness that leads to his narration. The series makes it a point of honor to represent these LGBT characters with the most accurate and positive light, away from the stereotypes used in the series for teenagers in the past.

Nick and Charlie are two unique characters who can’t leave the audience indifferent. Both face their own fears and doubts and the series beautifully presents their story and their questions. Inspired by Alice Oseman’s eponymous graphic novels, Can control the heart even mixing animation elements to accentuate the characters ’emotions, resulting in a beautiful and polished mise-en-scène. Don’t give up.

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A fun series: Love (Netflix)


on loveGus and Mickey live a love story that is sometimes euphoric and embarrassing, with the series exploring through a sincere and unrestrained look at today’s romantic relationships.

The opinion of CNET France

love a series that is as light, energetic and invigorating as it is sometimes thrilling and thrilling. Created by Paul Rust, Lesley Arfin, and Judd Apatow, the series features humorous and touching characters who go through all stages of modern love stories, as chaos and experimentation as possible.

Well directed by Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs as Gus and Mickey, love surprising and funny, as neurotic and charming as its characters. Composed of three seasons, love is one of his independent cinematic series, and the presence of Judd Apatow (freaks and geekss, The user manual is knocked down) behind the scenes of the series is unnoticed.

If in his final season love losing some of its charm and flavor, we can’t deny that it remains a singular series worth watching without a doubt.

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A shocking series: Killing Eve (Canal+ via myCanal)

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Made by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (flea bag), Killing Eve tells how MI5 agent Eve Polastri found her life turned upside down the day a psychopathic killer started chasing her.

The opinion of CNET France

Killing Eve not so much a love story but a story of obsession. Through Villanelle’s character, who has undeniable charisma, the series promotes a creature who never really understands love but nonetheless lacks affection.

Dressed by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, both absolutely perfect from start to finish, the series mixes tension and violence, humor and emotion. The first season of the series is brilliant in terms of direction and writing, and the viewer is attracted only to its main characters.

Killing Eve sadly experienced a slowdown in season 3 and more than one fan was disappointed with his conclusion in season 4. Villanelle and Eve’s adventures may have ended earlier but Killing Eve remains an intoxicating and disrespectful series, far removed from the classic spy series.

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