despite the health crisis, Guadeloupean Jimmy Sheik

For four years Jimmy Sheik dedicated himself We love the project and adorned the walls of the world with large frescoes to spread the message of love. And the health crisis is not yet enough to stop the so -called “butterfly” (butterfly).

Jimmy Sheik is an acting actor. If the Guadeloupean didn’t make a fresco on a wall somewhere in the world, he would be at the airport to get to his next destination. In Morocco, India, the West Indies, Switzerland or Paris, you’ve definitely seen its colorful frescoes, with Caribbean and Indian influences, marked “We are in love”Followed by the name of the city in which it is located.

Watching him, on the other hand, is more complicated. Like trying to catch a butterfly with a net. At the end of October, Jimmy Sheik took advantage of the weekend before the start of his second imprisonment to fly away from Guadeloupe and return his fresco ”We love Gaite“in Paris. A flea market of only two days.

© Jimmy Sheik

And when he painted it though “very late at night“, is”early in the morning“, so as not to attract attention and”stay focused”. But also to create the element of surprise. “I want people to think ‘but that wasn’t yesterday’ when they see my frescoes. My paintings are in the light, I prefer to stay in the shadows”, Said thirty things avoiding exposing his face. “I have twins”, He snapped an explanation.


From the beginning of his schooling in Guadeloupe, his teachers saw the creative spirit of Jimmy Sheik. For them to be sure: he would make comics or paint. However, at the dawn of his twenties, he returned to studying accounting in France. He quickly adapted himself to audiovisual studies before ”drop them all at once after one click”. At the age of 22, he returned to his native island and began a career in decorative painting.

Initially, he made frescoes inside the house and some outside for private individuals. “Then it got bigger, he remembers. At the age of 24-25, the region gave me the first orders. There I started making large frescoes 100 meters long. Street art started to have meaning at that time.
And slowly, Jimmy Sheik slides from decorative painting to street art and graffiti. So he switched to spray paint but he also mixed his brushes into it. A technique “quite special”, Specifically the artist who prefers to define himself as“a color technician”. Its supports? Walls, palisades, bridges… Anything that makes him “paint large”.

Unconsciously I turned to this art 15 years ago when the world of street art had not yet exploded. Today Paris offers sections of walls for street art and graffiti. At the time, I never thought I would get paid to make large frescoes.

An artistic and spiritual project

The idea of ​​the “We love concept” was born four years ago, in India, where he would always go for 15 years. “I am very interested in spirituality, energy… And I love Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga”, Explained Jimmy Sheik. As a thank you to the town for what it brought him, the Guadeloupean created a fresco ”We love Rishikesh”. “The next day, tourists from all over the world took pictures of him. This is where the idea was born.Back in Guadeloupe, the artist scattered frescoes all over the island, then, seen all over the world, all over the world. With this project, he seeks to “expresses a movement of positive and collective thoughts”, Reflecting his state of mind in Rishikesh.

Let’s say a thousand people look at the phrase “We Love”, they release a vibration of love by reading these words. This helps to stimulate the vibrational frequency in the area. In yoga we believe in the power of the mind. That’s why all the people who read “We Love Paris”, “We Love Guadeloupe”, exude a feeling of love that comes out of the universe.

jimmy sheik

© Jimmy Sheik

The butterfly symbol

To identify a Jimmy Sheik fresco, just look for the butterfly. Guadeloupe signed all his works to a monarch, in honor of his Guadeloupe, “only island in the world that has the shape of a butterfly”. But also to symbolize his spiritual faith: “they say that if people have a good life, they are reincarnated as a monarch… And then it’s a little reflection of myself that I always want“, he said with a smile.

jimmy sheik

© Jimmy Sheik

For one that “living only in airports”, The health crisis can be a big brake. His fresco projects in Miami, Chicago and Cincinnati are now under ban, but the artist continues to cover Caribbean walls, such as Saint-Martin or Saint-Barthélemy. “I’m a little stuck but I’m not carefulhe assured. I’ve been confined for 15 years to yoga and my art… And this is a great time to create and raise our creativity.

Meanwhile, from Montparnasse station in Paris to Guadeloupe, India or the United States, his frescoes “good vibes”Continues to accompany tourists who give their trip and spiritual dimension.

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