Decentralized Social Network Metaverse Boom Announces Airdrop

Boom App, a decentralized social platform based on Metaverse, launches a PC version, launches a campaign “ Refer-to-Earn and announced plans for future NFT distributions and significant technical partnerships.

What is Boom App ?

Boom is a decentralized SocialFi platform where users can own and display their digital assets. It seeks to bridge the digital world to the real world by providing users around the world with a more decentralized and transparent network to share ideas and network while earning rewards.

Let’s take a look at the features Boom has to offer:

Review: The latest version of Boom allows users to create content in a variety of forms and interact with other users ’posts. In addition, users can easily browse information using filter buttons such as “Latest”, “Trending” and “Following”.

Channel: Boom encourages users to become curators of their own creativity. With “Channel”, users can create more sophisticated content and charge a subscription.

Web3 Profile: Here users can display their Web3 achievements, including NFTs and digital asset wallets. It will support other Web3 data types in the future.

Boom App available to the general public

According to an official statement shared by the Boom App team, its PC version will be available for all digital content and decentralization enthusiasts. This is an important milestone in terms of UX / UI and functionality.

From mid-April 2022, digital art professionals and enthusiasts will be able to post, comment and share multimedia publications. Like modern Web2 social networks, creators can subscribe to other people’s channels.

Boom App mechanics are completely decentralized and have NFT-based in-app monetization models. Understand all about metaverses and web 3.0 in our special article.

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A program Refer-to-Earn

Recently, Boom launched a referral program, Refer-to-Earn, to encourage loyal and active users. Those who invite others to join the Boom ecosystem may have the chance to share up to $ 30,000 in prizes. The campaign runs from May 5 to May 14, 2022. Other metaverse launches of programs Refer-to-Earn such as Mars4 and its ambitious project.

Once registered on the Boom App site, cryptocurrency enthusiasts will get a referral code and share it with their friends. With each registration, Boom App users will receive a reward; the more friends are invited, the more bonuses will be given to the user.

All prizes will be sent to participants seven days after the end of the referral campaign.

A Airdrop place

Once the campaign Refer-to-Earn»In the Boom App completed, Planet Boom will issue identity cards in the form of NFTs for its privileged residents, first-time participants and those who have contributed to the advancement of Boom. NFTs will feature fictional characters including whales, influencers, consumers, creators, and artists.

Other tokens will include community management rights, personal brand exposure, product trials, exclusive bonuses and other benefits.

Then, starting in May 2022, the Boom App partnered with OKC, a community-based MVE-enabled smart contract platform developed by supporters of the cryptocurrency exchange OKX (formerly OKEx).

Boom is an example of a fully decentralized project that wants to change the way we interact. Social networks are more focused and use our data to get paid that we don’t see anything. Boom wants to change this paradigm and introduce a new modelcrypto friendly.

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