Perpignan: high school students calm in the face of baccalaureate specialty tests “not counted on file for Parcoursup”

Basic baccalaureate start. From Wednesday, May 11, high school students will work on special test papers. They were held for the first time after a two -year calendar reversed by the health crisis. At Lycée Arago, stress is not felt by students who think that grades are not judgmental for their orientation.

This time it was right. For the first time, the new baccalaureate formula born from Jean-Michel Blanquer’s reform will happen as planned. And this new baccalaureate will begin Wednesday with special tests. Return to normalcy? Not so much, as it was first planned for the month of March. But eventually they were stunned in the face of the school community’s outcry against government management and the Covid pandemic. “A positive report”lined up Rémy Landri, president of FCPE 66.

Beginning this Wednesday, May 11 and through Friday, May 13, high school students will work on the two specialty tests they received in education in the first and final years. But this new calendar means that scores for these tests are not considered by Parcoursup, the platform for admission to higher education. This can have an impact on mobilizing candidates. “It’s true that we forced little of ourselves when we found out it didn’t count on file”, met Julien, a high school student at François Arago in Perpignan. An observation shared by Emily. “It will no longer be used in the end”, cut one who chose physics-chemistry and mathematics specialties.

#Bac2022 Last straight line before the start of the special events that will take place on May 11, 12 and 13.
On D -Day don’t forget your calling, your ID (even expired since – 5 years), ballpoint pen and water bottle.
Total success to all!

– Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports (@education_gouv) May 3, 2022

A devalued tank?

For these written tests, some changes were planned. Monday May 9 and Tuesday May 10 are dedicated to reviewing the specialty program and the subjects are also tailored so that high school students have a choice between certain questions or between certain exercises. All of these small organizations could also raise fears of lowering the cost of this 2022 baccalaureate edition. “They felt it was easier. In their minds, the value of the baccalaureate was broken. They saw that in the years before it was easier”agreed with Rémy Landri, but called on those who wanted to draw “not to demobilize”.

Because these tests cannot be neglected in the context of getting the baccalaureate. With a coefficient of 16, or 32 among them, these special tests are the most important in the baccalaureate. As a reminder, the exam, which includes these tests as well as philosophy (coefficient 8) and the oral major (coefficient 10) counts 60% in the final grade. When continuous control, that is to say all disciplines in common core, weighs 40% of the final scale.

It is to consider the results throughout the year that can also comfort the students. “I had good grades and I studied well so it was good. Plus, we had two more months and the holidays”, confident judge Enzo, STMG student. Engy, he would have liked it “another week”. “The specialties I choose are the subjects for which I have the lowest grades”, upset high school student following math and economics and social science lessons. Despite everything, he knew his year was good. “We’ve been helped so much over the months. Now, I’m going to put the turbo on to be ready on Wednesday and cross our fingers”, conclusion to the woman.

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