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Like us, dogs are mammals and nurse their young. If the female dog cannot feed her puppies, it is best to bring them dog milk. The puppy formula should be high in protein and fat.

Breast milk is of course good for baby dogs. However, in some cases, this may prove insufficient. This is the case, for example, for large wastes where the amount of milk produced by the woman is insufficient, or if the mother is ill or sadly dies. It is not recommended to give cow’s milk to puppies. The latter is very rich in lactose and insufficient in protein. It is better to resort to a formula milk for puppies, or, if not, goat’s milk, which is more soluble. Dog milk usually comes in the form of a powder that can be reconstituted with hot water. Some brands offer complete kits with puppy milk, bottles and breasts. Adult dogs, on the other hand, do not need milk and often do not digest cow’s milk well.


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Biocanina formula milk for puppies and kittens

This powdered puppy milk comes in a practical kit containing a 400g box of powder, a pod, a graduate bottle and several 3-speed teats. It is enriched with proteins, fats, taurine and fatty acids to meet the needs of young puppies. It can be given from birth as a substitute or in addition to breastfeeding. With small capacity, this dog milk box is not suitable for large wastes.

Protech Royal Canin puppy milk

This product is more than just puppy milk: it is also colostrum, i.e. the first milk produced by the mother after birth. This production is rich in antibodies that allow a child with an immature immune system to protect itself against diseases. This puppy formula is especially recommended for orphaned puppies. Give from birth. Sold in 300g box without bottle.

Complete milk replacer for Royal Canin puppies

This dog milk is easily digested thanks to its low lactose composition. They are packaged in small packages for best preservation. It contains an antioxidant complex for strengthening the immune system. Its micro-granular structure dissolves very easily in hot water (70 °): very practical if you have a large hungry family to feed! Also available in a 400 g box for small litter or single puppies.

Beaphar lactol puppy formula

This puppy’s milk is used from birth to replace or complement breastfeeding. Close to female dog milk, it is an important source of energy and calcium for the young animal. It is packaged in a 2 kilo box which is very practical for large litters or large puppies. It can be given by bottle or syringe (not for sale). A little extra: reconstituted milk can be stored for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Can you give milk to your dog?

The cow’s milk that we people often consume is not recommended for our dogs:

In adult dogs: this is usually not well tolerated. In fact, cow’s milk is so full of lactose that canines don’t digest it well because they don’t have the necessary enzymes. In addition, milk, which primarily provides fast sugar (the famous lactose), is not necessary for the dog’s ration.

· For puppies: it is better to favor formula milk for puppies. It has a composition close to dog milk, more suitable. Let’s not forget that the cow is a herbivore; so low in protein, its milk is never made to feed carnivorous babies!

In the female dog: during pregnancy or lactation, a special supply of dog milk can be useful. But if the woman is reluctant to drink a dairy product, we can also give her growth food.

From what age can you give milk to your dog?

Puppies can be fed formula from birth. Of course, it is better for the female dog to breastfeed them, but if she is prevented from doing so or if the litter is too large, do not hesitate to supplement the puppies to ensure that they have an adequate supply of nutrients. for their development.

For small orphans, it may be interesting to bring a product that combines colostrum and dog milk. In fact, colostrum contains antibodies that help the puppy defend itself against diseases.

After weaning, about 2 months, giving milk to the dog is no longer of interest, except for the nursing female dog.

How much milk to give your dog?

The number varies according to the age and weight of the puppy. Often, puppy milk manufacturers indicate the number and frequency of foods in their package.

The number of bottles varies from 8 per day for a newborn to 4 in a 1 month old animal.

In the case of mixed breastfeeding (breast milk and bottle), it can be more difficult to navigate the volume. Know that a hungry puppy keeps crying, while a full baby eventually falls asleep!

Another way to find out if your puppy is drinking enough is to monitor his weight chart. A well-nourished baby dog ​​will double its birth weight in 3 weeks.

From 2 months, you can start to diversify the diet by providing croquettes or pâtés for the puppies. The amount of milk in the dog decreases.

Are there risks in giving milk to your dog?

Formula milk for puppies, similar to mother’s milk, is well tolerated. On the other hand, cow’s milk can cause diarrhea, vomiting and inflammation. These symptoms are usually mild in an adult and return to cessation of cow’s milk.

On the other hand, they can develop a serious behavior in the young puppy, who is more vulnerable. This risk is actually dehydration in the case of marked gastroenteritis. So cow’s milk should be avoided and always consult your veterinarian if there is manure in a puppy.

Can my dog ​​be allergic to milk?

Allergies and intolerance to cow’s milk can be encountered by dogs. That is why it is not recommended. Dairy products in general (yogurts, cheese, ice cream, etc.) may be responsible for digestive symptoms.

Formula milk for puppies also contains cow’s milk proteins and can be responsible for allergic diseases such as frequent diarrhea. In this case, it is possible to try goat’s milk or a vegetable milk if breastfeeding is impossible. Introducing a non-dairy solid diet from 2 months can solve allergy problems related to dog milk.

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