Metaverse: advertising comes in most virtual worlds

Greatly accustomed to social networks, advertising doesn’t miss out on teaching by engaging in the metaverse, and this is just the beginning.

There really is virtual advertising

Much accustomed to social networks, advertising does not miss the appointment. In fact, the metaverse is full of many ways to identify. Whether it’s creating an avatar of a brand or an individual or buying their own virtual space on land to build a store, companies are finding a variety of ways to conquer new territories.

News site NFT Plazas has found a new way to democratize metaverse advertising through a reservation system. Fully automated, it allows interested parties to pay online and then download their advertising. The latter will be immediately screened on several billboards to be seen in Decentraland and brands will be able to follow their campaign live.

There are two types of ads with different sized billboards, and users can upload their own custom design according to their vision. There’s also access to a unique reporting dashboard that allows clients to track the progress of their campaign on a daily basis. Reports include information such as overall view to date, metaverse location view, visitor geolocation, and visitor language.

Excerpt from NFT Plazas announcement about its advertising program

Source: NFT Plazas Twitter account

Accessible from 0.1 ETH (almost 2,250 euros at the current rate), the reservation system offered by NFT Plaza allows all brands to reach millions of visitors to Decentraland without having to code or even register. register in the metaverse. The system should gradually extend to other virtual worlds. So now it is very easy to advertise in the metaverse for those who have the luxury of giving a campaign. This system needs to be scrutinized carefully, so as not to increase the abuses prevalent on Facebook.

Do you think you can get rid of advertising by going to the metaverse? Unfortunately, one doesn’t go without the other. Simply joining a virtual world or creating non-fungible tokens can create real visibility across all brands today. Currently very innocent, the ads are still in the metaverse where users sometimes look at them with a very interested eye.

The welcoming lobby inside The Sandbox, where brands are already announcing upcoming events, is a good example of this. And it has to be said that it always works! In 2007, GMI had already conducted a study of Second Life, the metaverse, at the time and the results were conclusive: nearly 40% of the avatars surveyed admitted to being interested in a brand after seeing its advertisement in Second Life!

As for the metaverse itself, it’s built from the support of brands and the money they spend on their campaigns to rebuild their virtual audience. It is possible that virtual reality and the immersion that accompanies it will change the way of advertising to provide a memorable experience to users. So goodbye to ads and other places; now you have to go through emotions and adventures to identify yourself.


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