Love, Death and Robots: season 3 offers a great trailer

The trailer for season 3 of “Love, Death + Robots” was recently unveiled on Netflix. Beautiful images announcing the release of episode 9 on May 20 on the platform. And it will look completely crazy once again!

Love, Death and Robots : already a cult series

In 2019, Tim Miller and David Fincher have created a new anthology series for Netflix: Love, Death and Robots. The duo offers viewers a completely crazy animated show that revolves around the themes of artificial intelligence, robots, the future, violence and sex. Produced by different filmmakers and animators, the series showcases magic and dangerous worlds that are different from each other and immediately become a standard of animation in the form of an anthology. So far, two seasons have emerged. and the third is expected for May 20 on Netflix.

A first trailer

Waiting for the release of season 3 on Love, Death and Robots in ten short days, Netflix recently released the final trailer for the show. Unique images that show viewers the amazing scope and interesting variety of new worlds and universes to come. As in previous seasons, this third volume will offer episodes with independent and original visual identities. This third season will cover 9 stages that each is presented instead in this final trailer.

Love, Death and Robots © Netflix

Attractive new episodes

  • Bad Travel : this first episode will describe how a fishing boat was attacked by a giant crustacean. His size and intelligence were only matched by his appetite. A first chapter under the direction of David Fincher himself.
  • The Excellent Pulse Machine : this episode, which seems pretty to look at, tells how an astronaut brings his unconscious co-pilot to safety by dragging him over long distances. The protagonist is under the influence of powerful drugs to calm the pain. A episode that promises to be psychedelic.
  • In Vaulted Halls Buried : This chapter, directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2), tells how a squad of adrenaline-fueled American soldiers confronts an enemy born out of CIA experiments.
  • Jibaro : This is a re-reading of the story of a mermaid whose song captivated people in their disappearance. But the creature’s magic did not work on the completely deaf Jibaro warrior. An interest arose between the two protagonists.
  • proliferation : Two future scientists are studying a strange and seemingly stupid insect variant. Written and directed by Tim Miller himself, this opus will examine the fear, sex and philosophy of people.
  • Mason’s Rats : A chapter set in Scotland facing a race of cultivated and intelligent rats against a rude farmer. A hardcore version of Ratatouille in sumada.
  • Three Robots: Exit Strategies : Here it is first sequel to Love, Death + Robots. Three little robots from the first season return for the rest of their adventures.
  • Patyon team Killer : Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, a squad of U.S. Special Forces confronts an ancient god of terrible power.
  • Night of the Mini Dead : Kind of a little tribute to Night of the Living Deadthis episode will feature a zombie apocalypse, but to a small extent. It’s a bit like the inventive encounter between the miniatures Night at the Museum and zombie movies.

expected to May 20 next, in this new era of Love, Death and Robots promises to be explosive. A new round on the track will see especially the return of Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead or even Michael B. Jordan to dubbing.

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