Here are effective ways to seduce, according to science, in a heterosexual relationship.

American and Norwegian researchers are simultaneously studying the most effective methods of scattering. They are different in men and women.

There are many ways to flirt, for casual or serious relationships. But what techniques are best for making this happen in a heterosexual relationship? American and Norwegian scientists have tried to answer this question, thanks to questions – not experiments – answered by 415 men and women in Norway and 577 in the United States.

What is gossip? According to Professor Kennair, who is a member of the research group, “flirting involves different signals that people send to each other. It’s done to attract potential partners. Men and women will flirt. flirt to get a partner’s attention. desired, and perhaps to get a sexual or romantic result out of it “. It can be verbal or not.

Humor, important standard

Humor ranks high on the podium for long-term and short-term relationships. For both men and women, laughing at the jokes of the coveted man is considered a “benefit”. But mock jokes are a much more useful strategy for men, especially those who want a serious story. “For women, it’s not just effective to be funny. It’s very important that they also show their potential partner that they make fun of him,” explains psychologist Rebecca Burch, from Norwegian SciTech News.

For women, on the other hand, the chances of success are elsewhere: “People consider that signals that indicate you’re in sex are most effective for women looking for a short relationship ”, continued Professor Kennair. Concretely, the most effective flirts are those that make obvious sexual advances, transmitted “through physical contact” or even in “sexy clothes”, according to the results. Also, if a woman is looking for a short -term relationship, a friendly touch (almost on the cheek, hug) will not work.

Among men, those who are able to emphasize their personality traits have a better chance of achieving their goals. For those looking for a long-term romantic relationship, “signs of generosity and a willingness to do the best job”: for example a “close conversation”, or even “spending time together” “, the study recommended.

Why is there a difference in dating according to gender?

Even when it comes to flirting, gender inequality remains constant. According to many scientific studies done on this topic, this difference is due to the pressures of sex choice among human species. For men, sex has little obligation or investment in children. Thus, according to the theory of evolution, they are more likely to have multiple partners. Women, on the other hand, need to be more selective and selective.

Even if the criteria are different, the American and Norwegian cultures, however, achieve the same results with the most effective methods of bribery. “It seems that the United States and Norway are the same,” replied Professor Kennair. In both cultures, body language, first contact and level of generosity were valued.

“This shows that dating is considered ‘effective’ by most universal. This is not surprising, because the incentives to find a mate are partly biological”, details one of the researchers.

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