Why did your dog eat the sticks you sent him?

Many dogs have the same love for the stick, and ask to be thrown away when they see it. But by the way, do you wonder why your dog ate the stick you sent him? Should we worry about it?

Few dogs are reluctant to chase a cane. You can offer your dog the best toys in the world, from the most original to the most solid, lots of balls … Often, there is no substitute for a good old stick. After all, the stick is a natural thing that is very easy to grab in the mouth, and that seems fun talk for our doggies, then, why deprive ourselves of this pleasure? Playing with sticks with your dog is one thing, but do you have to let him eat the sticks you throw at him? Why did your dog eat it? We told you everything.

Why do dogs like sticks?

There are many reasons why our four -legged friends love the stick (if we use it to play, not to hit them!). Everything comes from a common theory: Picking and picking sticks is a part of the dog’s animal behavior.

In fact, dogs are descendants of wolves. So their ancestors were hunters, and they spent most of their time hunting and to hunt prey. Also, when a dog sniffs and sticks, his senses wake up. She felt like she had seen a reward.

The cane also serves as an alternative to bones for the dog. If dogs are good at distinguishing between bone and stick, both can provide the same level of satisfaction. This explanation also attracts the dog’s instinct. When a dog can dig a stick, which looks like a bone, he probably has the feeling of digging into a victim, or what is left of it.

If you pay attention to the stems, you will easily notice that there is none never two are the same. Different shapes, sizes and colors can therefore delight your dog, not to mention the smell, taste or even the texture of the stick. All your dog’s senses are alerted to a good old stick, which he always wants more than his expensive toys.

Of course, your dog will especially develop an inclination to stick when his master plays with it. If, when you walk up to him, you see your dog picking up a stick and placing it in front of you, he wants to you let it go to play a little. Usually, your dog will then drop the stick at your foot or wait for you to take it out of his mouth.

Why would your dog eat a stick?

Like us, dogs are susceptible to toothache and/or toothache. So, touch the sticks you throw at him can comfort your dog. The texture of the stick helps it relieve pain. But is this behavior safe for your dog’s health? Not always…

In fact, the texture of the wood can cut the tongue or pierce your dog, especially if the stick in question is sharp or if it is there are splinters. If your dog swallows pieces of wood, it can damage his internal organs.

Not to mention that the other staves have types of poisonous wood or mold, that your dog is not well when eaten. It’s important to make sure your dog doesn’t eat red oak, locust, black walnut, black cherry or red maple. These horns are poisonous to your dog. If he eats it, take him to the vet right away.

In conclusion, your dog’s desire to pick up a stick is explained by his natural need to find and dig things. This is why dogs sometimes have the impression that the sticks a real reward for them. Our teammates also love sticks because it stimulates their senses, which they love to play with, and can sometimes relieve toothache.

However, sticks are not always safe and hurt your dog. Be careful that he doesn’t play too often to touch the sticks he finds. Also try to entertain your dog with other toys, such as a ball or leash. Finally, if your dog seems to be biting a cane as quickly as he can, ask yourself if he has a toothache and take him to the vet if in doubt.

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