the 5 FOLIE offers that end this Monday night

French Days 2022. Officially, Cdiscount, AliExpress, Amazon or even Fnac will end offers this Monday night at midnight. In the meantime, there are only a few hours to expect to do business before the summer of cyber-merchants.

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This year, the French Days of Cdiscount and others will take place from Wednesday May 4 to Monday May 9. From the first day of operation, many references are no longer in stock with online merchants, proof of the enthusiasm of this new edition. If these items do not return, as required in the event of no restock, many deals are still in progress.

To find the latest French Days offers, you have to hurry this Monday. And for good reason, the public knows it’s the last day of operation, so they’ll take the opportunity to find nuggets at Cdiscount, AliExpress, Amazon and other online merchants. So it is best to do it as soon as possible now.

To save you time on this last day of French Days, we’ve put together a selection of the best deals on Cdiscount, AliExpress and other players available. Our list is updated in real time to avoid stock shortages, logically focusing on the most popular technology references today.

Enjoy these Days in France

French Days 2022 is a great opportunity to do business. And for good reason, this operation is premium in terms of reductions and referrals. We’ve seen offers that are even better than sales because it’s not a destocking operation where Cdiscount or Amazon want to empty their stock to make room for new ones. This explains the quality of the deals that are still visible today, but also throughout the previous day’s deals.

On the occasion of these French Days, it is the Cdiscount that is best described in the market. Placed among the world’s best traders, this French actor relied on his strike force to lower prices. This Monday, it’s still possible to find the MacBook Air M1 under the 1,000 euro mark. Overall, it also focuses on Dyson, Bose, Samsung and many other premium brands.

Otherwise, French Days is also a success on AliExpress. Even with Xiaomi, Apple or Roborock brands, the online merchant also doesn’t skim discounts with very good deals. Once again, this leaves you with the possibility to realize the importance of storage before the arrival of summer. Among the best offerings, there’s still the excellent Redmi Note 11 Pro accompanied by a reduction as this mid-range smartphone is less than a few months old.

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In general, French Days on Cdiscount, AliExpress, Amazon, Fnac, but also Carrefour or Leclerc are perfect for finding great discounts on many tech devices. Smartphone, tablet, computer, TV, screen, headphones… All these references can be accompanied by a nice discount. This Monday, there are still a few nuggets online to allow you to find short prices.

Ordering risk-free during French Days

French Days is presented as a very good alternative to Black Friday. This operation conducted in France was originally also intended to offer another option to the French public, so it brought together 6 online entrepreneurs in its early days. Since then, we’ve seen all the heavy e-commerce, French or not, whether it’s Cdiscount, AliExpress, Amazon, Fnac, Boulanger or Rue du Commerce.

The French Days of Cdiscount and its equivalents take place twice a year, once at the beginning of May and once at the end of September. It was the summer edition, the one for now, that generated the most enthusiasm. And for good reason, it allows you to make huge savings before the summer, during a quiet season, while one is very close to Black Friday in terms of timing.

During the French Days, the rules are the same as for the rest of the year on Cdiscount, AliExpress, Fnac, Boulanger and others. And this means, all offers are accessible to everyone without you having to be part of a specific program like Amazon Prime or Cdiscount à Volont. However, we remind you that this will give you access to some additional advantages like free express delivery or others.

The point to remember is that French Days are also subject to the mandatory withdrawal period in France, it’s 14 days on Cdiscount, AliExpress etc. and 30 days on Amazon. This period allows you to order online and then make a free return to trigger a full refund of the product. This is a safety net that serves as a second time, it allows you to order with peace of mind.

French Days 2022 ends tonight at midnight. In the meantime, you’re left with a few hours to check out Cdiscount merchant sites and more to save money before the summer. This time of year remains calm except for this operation, having to wait many months before finding such premium offers on these references, take advantage of them without delay.

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