Road safety – Mandatory special winter equipment in Cantal

Obligation to equip certain vehicles during the winter in the entire Cantal department from November 1 to March 31

From 2021, every year, during the winter (from November 1 to March 31), it is mandatory to equip your car with winter wheels or with chains or snow socks, in some municipalities in the mountain massif (Alps, Corsica, Central Massif, Jura massif, Pyrenees, Vosges massif). In Cantal, this provision applies to the entire road network.

The goal of this new regulation, resulting from the Mountain II law on December 28, 2016, and its implementation on October 18, 2020, is to strengthen the safety of road users by reducing the risk of accident related to snow-covered driving. or frozen roads and avoiding roadblocks, is likely to hinder progress in clearing snow and rescuing vehicles.

The delimitation of the perimeter concerned was coordinated with the elected officials and road managers (Association of mayors and presidents of EPCI du Cantal, Departmental Council and DIR Massif Central) and the main road hauliers affected by the maintenance. in winter. After consulting the Massif committee and consulting the elected officials, it was therefore decided that this provision would apply to all Cantal roads (
prefectural decree n ° 2021-1221 (pdf format – 169.1 kb – 09/17/2021)

Therefore, from November 1, 2021 and until March 31, 2022, all vehicles traveling the streets of Cantal, must be equipped with winter tires, or have chains or socks on snow board, under the following conditions. :

• light vehicles, utility vehicles and motorhomes must have a removable anti-skid device (metal snow chain or snow socks) that allows at least two driving wheels to be fitted, or four wheels to be fitted in winter;

• vehicles, buses and heavy vehicles without a trailer or semi-trailer shall be fitted with a removable anti-skid device that will allow at least two driving wheels or winter wheels on at least 2 steering wheels and at least 2 driving wheels;

• Heavy goods vehicles with trailers or semi-trailers must have snow chains that allow at least two driving wheels to be installed, even if they are equipped with winter wheels.

Vehicles equipped with studded wheels are not subject to these provisions.

At the entrances and exits of the Massif area concerned with obligation, specific signage will be installed by road operators to identify users. Reminders will be placed at the administrative boundaries of the department if there is a continuation of the zone in the neighboring department. A sign can also remind the time of the obligation.

Characteristics of “winter tires”

“Winter” tires are identified by the combined presence of the “Alpine symbol” marking and one of the “M + S”, “MS” or “M&S” markings.

Until November 1, 2024, only tires marked “M+S” will be allowed.

All -weather tires (4S, All -Time, All -Time) have no regulatory meaning: to be considered winter tires, they must be stamped “3PMSF”, or at least “M+S” for period elapsed in the first 3 years of application of the new regulations.

Information and education operations will accompany the implementation of this system in the coming weeks. Any violation of the obligation to store snow chains in your trunk or aligning your car with winter tires by the departments concerned will not be penalized this winter.

Download the press release:
2021 09 17 winter equipment obligation vf (pdf format – 303.7 kb – 17/09/2021)

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