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Mangaka has been active in Japan since 2014 in the field of yaoi only, Tammy Hakoishi was published for the first time in France since the end of April, in the Hana editions, with one of her most recent stories: Love my new employer, a mini-series whose 5 chapters were first published in Japan in 2019-2020 under the name Osananajimi Jôshi’s Fall in Love, within the Mimosa magazine of Leed editions (the magazine of Our happy days and Outsider Communication). A volume was immediately released in its homeland in April of that year, with the addition of a small bonus “epilogue” chapter of 9 pages, for a total of just under 170 pages.

This story begins when a young man, Sôta Tôno, is about to join the sales development department of a construction specialist company. The positive, kind and somewhat straightforward boy was determined to give the best of himself in this first job of his life, but was surprised when he learned that his coach and head of department was none other than Tetsushi Mizusawa. , her childhood friend who was older than her and very first secret love, which she hadn’t seen in ten years! Mizusawa was a good friend of Tôno’s older brother when the latter was young, and he was so good to him that our hero always held him in his heart. And if the reunion at first seems a little difficult because Mizusawa is very strict professionally and she doesn’t like to mix work and feelings, the two will notice the qualities of one … until love is involved?

So the author immerses us here in a corporate situation that he uses effectively to describe salaries wearing suits, both beautiful and elegant, which are sure to delight readers to see the relatively refined line, slightly slender and quick to express. And this structure is not there to serve only as a backdrop, because it is in essence that we see our two heroes in progress. Faced with a relatively tight and severe Mizusawa at work, the inexperienced will inevitably make a few small mistakes at the start. And yet, the two see the obvious qualities of one, between a Mizusawa who actually knows how to show kindness while being strict, and a Tôno who seems to have a gift of attentiveness to to others, as he did. two comrades arguing or by noticing the concerns of the so -called Kondô.

This professional structure is therefore very faithfully exploited to serve the story and to immerse it, which is all the more appreciated as the work remains short. And based on this, Tammy Hakoishi also has plenty of time to describe the sentimental evolution of the two main characters, all in a bright tone and even sometimes a bit fun (like the way the very serious Mizusawa analyzing his own feelings!) narrative that is so centered on the sweet Tôno is even more reassuring. So, can Tôno share his feelings in the right way, and can he understand them well beforehand to know if they are true love? And as for Mizusawa, does she see Tôno as a possible love, or is he in her eyes like a protective younger brother? And can he find out how to treat her, since he is a child friend and his subject? The answers are obvious, of course, but overall enough is done to convince and persuade without worry.

Until the usual final erotic scene and then the epilogue, Loving my boss in the news turned out to be a good little story with no big pretensions but very nice and well done. How would you like to see other works by this author in France!

Regarding the French edition, we are entitled to a very honest quality of paper and printing, as is usually the case with the publisher, as well as a jacket close to the Japanese original, a first page of color, neat lettering, and a clear translation by Amandine Martel.

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