National Education supports the far right of the school: we will …

Six teachers from Louis Pasteur elementary school (Saint-Denis) notified of their transfer “in the interest of service” by the director of the department of National Education after an administrative investigation was conducted against which the comments of the interviewees were completely changed in minutes.

This crackdown against a group known for its educational and militant commitment is even more scandalous because it is based on a blasphemy campaign led by extreme rights against these teachers. In addition to imposing his administrative duties, coupled with actual harassment of school teachers, the former director was in fact the source of an article, published in the extreme-right newspaper the Incorrect, in which he gave the example of the teacher in his establishment to attack “kawala”, “severe left -wing unionism” and the LBGT Lobby WHO “mag gangrene” the schools. They are especially accused… of fighting against sexism in school, by refusing to account for the color pink in girls and blue in boys. In a video on the same theme, posted on Youtube in February 2022, the names and phone numbers of the teachers were given, making them potential targets for the fachosphere.
This resilient repression against an educational group is a further illustration of the goodness and support of the institution and, through it, the government, for reactionary ideologies and offensives. As pointed out in the press release from the teaching group, National Education and the far right are operating here “with” to suppress teachers. An attack in line with the reactionary offensive led by Jean-Michel Blanquer and the Macron government on ideological and oppressive terrain, by fighting the “wokism” or the“Islamo-leftism” and the implementation of Global Security and, or the authoritarian disbandment of militant and political organizations. As such, Sud Éducation 93 was recently sued by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and threatened to be disbanded after complaints by several parliamentarians in Les Républicains for the organization of an anti-racist course. A crackdown is now likely to target all collectives and organizations that claim to be part of the fight against the far right, anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, the fight against sexism and all forms of discrimination.
In the face of this offensive, we call for a stand against the repression suffered by teachers and against institutional threats, seeking to provide examples of sector discipline and imposing on schools a reactionary ideology carried by extreme rights, supported by the government. . Far from being the only part of schools, the global offensive is calling for a common political response! And it began the struggle to get the repeal of all penalties against mobilized workers!

First signer:

Lawrence From the Cockhistorian and teacher
Speedwell Deckerunion and education activist from Seine-Saint-Denis, retired from teaching
Philip Meirieu, pedagogue and national president of CEMEA
Gregory Chambatunionist and teacher
Judith Bernardteacher and director
Irène Perieraphilosopher, IRESMO
jerome Martinteacher, former president of Act Up-Paris
Natalie Arthaudteacher and spokesman at Lutte Ouvrière
Anasses KazibSud-rail activist and spokesman for the Permanent Revolution
Philip PoutuNPA spokesman
Eric CoquerelLFI deputy for Seine-Saint-denis
Clementine AutainMP LFI
Stephane smalldeputy of the Communist Party of Seine-Saint-Denis
Sandrine Rousseauteacher and EELV activist
Julián SalingueNPA researcher and activist
Elsa FalconPCF MP
Olivier BesancenotNPA spokesman
Aurelie foundPresident of the People’s Union of Insubordinate France
bally Bagayokoleader of the Union Populaire de la France Insoumise of Seine-Saint-Denis, formerly elected local and departmental representative, activist in working-class neighborhoods
patrick Braouzecformer deputy and mayor of Saint-Denis
Adele Haenelactor
dawn Koechlinsociologist and feminist activist
Sasha Yaropolskayaactivist and journalist at XY media
Susie Rojtmanspokesperson for the National Collective for Women’s Rights
Assa Traoreanti-racist activist and member of the Adama Committee
Youcef Braknianti-racist activist and member of the Adama Committee
Omar Slaoutiteacher, anti-racist activist, Argenteuil city councilor
samir Elyesanti-racism activist
Almamy Canoeactivist, consultant, actor
Dominica StorehouSecommitment singer
MRAP Saint-Denis 93
Francoise yardsresearcher, feminist and anti-racist activist
Taha Bouhafsmilitant journalist
si lauren country housejournalists
carolina by Haasfeminist activist
Titiou poultryjournalist and feminist
Tomáš DoorsPresident of the National Observatory of the Far Right
Frederic Lordonphilosopher
Helen Nicholasanthropologist, Paris 8 University / LEGS
John Sebastian Carbonellsociologist
Marie Dominique Garnierresearcher at the University of Paris 8
Christiane vollarphilosopher, Associate Researcher at CNAM, Paris
Matilda Larrehistorian, professor at the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Silvia Capanemaprofessor at the University of Paris 13 / Councilor of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis
Florence GauthierHISTORIAN
Sophia WahnichHISTORIAN
Julie Pagissociologist
Ugo Palhetasociologist
Gilles quicklygeographer, Open University
Sibyl Gollacsociologist
Séverine kakpoeducational science researcher, University of Paris 8
Nacira GuenifProfessor of Educational Sciences, University of Paris 8
Stephen Penissatsociologist
marwan Mohammed |sociologist
Olivier Roueffsociologist
Yasmine Siblotsociologist, University of Paris 8
Karl Yoonsociologist, University of Paris-Nanterre CNRS
Séverine Chauvelsociologist
Anna Clervalgeographer, Gustave Eiffel University
Stephanie Guyonpolitical scientist, University of Picardy Jules Verne
Paul Rauzyprofessor of computer science, University of Paris 8
Benoit riskanthropologist, Ehess

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