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Find out the full and complete summary The mysteries of the time of love 29 episode 5 IN ADVANCE on Saturday May 14, 2022 on TMC. Béné goes through a stage and sleeps with Alban who he thinks is honest… but in fact the next day he plans to be with Béatrice and Cathy. Guillaume is still clumsy. Fanny kidnapped by sect (?)

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The sect is back and Fanny is the target again

Adto ta the mysteries of love season 29 episode 5 advanced cat on Saturday, May 14, 2022. You can read the full summary of the previous episode LMDLA 29 × 04 on the line.

Nicolas tells him that Hélène told him something had happened to Dylan. Hélène completely denies it. Hélène considered Gabriella completely crazy. Nicolas convinces Gabriella not to file a lawsuit against Olga.
Olga wakes up alone, Jimmy tells her she can’t sleep. Olga wants to take him to the doctor.
Jimmy explains to Sylvain that he has a problem with Béné. Jimmy is jealous, Béné has dinner with Alban … and Olga sees them kissing before.

Helene LMDLA

Breakfast from Helene and Nicolas…

Fanny tells Christian that she misses Brad… she tells him she wants to duet with him, a country. Christian informs Fanny that he has been contacted by producer Fréderic François and that he wants to duet with him.
Fanny was so excited to sing “my heart tells you that I love you”.


Alex is tired of Guillaume’s mistakes

After sleeping with Béatrice, Alban slept with Béné… he told her that he loved her… there were nice talks. Alban wants to rewrite his novel so that the story is not too small because Béné deserves better.


Béné in love, he fell for Alban

Meanwhile, Béatrice and Cathy were waiting for Alban at the gym, another sports coach replaced him. Alban arrived late, he said with an appointment with taxes. In the evening, Alban accepted the women’s invitation for dinner. Beatrice hopes it ends in bed.

Jeanne and Hélène were happy for Béné… because he did not come home last night. They told themselves that all was well in Alban.

Jimmy finds himself at a medical consultation in Olga’s presence. Jimmy has a fever of 37.8.


They want Nicky and Lou to help Erwan

Nicky and Lou are very worried about Erwan killing someone. Without calling for help, Melly’s friend was left dead. They decided to let Leah tell them everything.

Guillaume injured his forehead with the scooter: still clumsy. Guillaume said he fell 11 times but he was sure.
Alex stays with Guillaume because he is kind, quite feminine. Alex didn’t go with a woman because he felt like he was cheating on Fanny.

The mysteries of love ahead on Saturday May 14, 2022: Dumont juggles with Chloé and Stéphanie

Dr. Dumont and Chloe had dinner together: they complimented each other. 2 fingers away from kissing each other… and only Stephanie came to hear from Guéant.

Stephanie tried to have an explanation with Dumont because he always canceled appointments. Dumont justifies himself to the fact that he is very tired. Dumont is offering dinner tonight.


The final credits of the mysteries of the time of love 29

José was upset when he found out that Béné had slept for Alban. He called Nicolas because he was worried about Béné. Nicolas tells him to think of his own business, with him now Laly.

Gabriella tells Hélène that she and Dylan will go to Australia afterwards.

(ending credits “for the love of a boy” with images of Hélène and the boys or even Les vacances de l’amour… nostalgia for the 30th anniversary ^^).
To follow the summary The Mysteries of Love Season 29 Episode 6 premiered on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

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