Franck (Love is in the Grass) is reframed in the production, this warning that he doesn’t care …

Franck’s adventure in Love is in the pasture difficult for him. In fact, he was a bit annoyed with his opponents and it gave him the rage on the Web. In fact, he received a lot of hate messages on social networks and had to get involved in making the show. We told you what he told our colleagues Here is the.

Frank (Love is in the pasture) not an easy adventure!

It’s not easy to be seen on TV and recognized by everyone. This sudden popularity can be complicated to manage. To begin with, candidates will participate Love is in the pasture to meet someone, but often they don’t expect to receive too many messages, either negative or positive. And we know that Internet users can be ruthless and the criticisms are harsh on participants. Frank is no exception to the rule. He was even the target during his stint in season 16 of Love is in the pasture.

For example, fans of the program ridiculed his fusional relationship with his dog Oregon, they also criticized his hunting habits and especially his poor choice of suitors. The forester and market gardener didn’t come out unscathed from this experience, that’s for sure! However, he focuses on the good parts. Now, he goes back to “ lynching »Where he was the victim at the time of the shooting. He was well back with reporters Here is the.

Frank from Love is in the pasture find haters

I didn’t expect it to be relentless. It broke my leg. The production says : ‘don’t go on facebook or twitter’. The problem is because your entourage is going there! From my participation in the show, that’s why I don’t like it. You have to be morally prepared ”Franck admitted to Love is in the pasture. Franck even went to meet a surfer who attacked him on social networks.

Someone insulted me one day and I said to myself : ‘this one, I filled it!’ I was able to find his contact details and I called him directly at his house.. I told him: ‘You just insulted me on the Internet, I’ll be at your place in 10 minutes. You have crossed the line. It’s not because we’re part of a program that we have to be the scapegoat of all the angry and frustrated on the ground. The man confused himself with the allegations. Anyone who spits out their poison that way is ultimately crazy. They comment without knowing! », said the farmer Love is in the pasture.

The production gave him a warning

Franck, on the other hand, made the mistake of responding to messages from haters. In fact, this behavior causes a reaction in the production of Love is in the pasture. What I criticize is that I respond to others using carter languagehe admitted. If you call me stupid, I don’t say please my darling! I called to order openly to tell me it was exciting. But if someone slaps me, I stick my fist in my face. I am a lumberjack! », he explained to our comrades.

So, after reframing the production groups, the farmer decided to deafen the criticisms of Internet users. He has “limited bit” its publications on the Web. I have complaints about SPA, au gratin ! The hunting trophies in my house, I understand people don’t like. I hope to attack it, but not for the dog. My dog ​​was hooked 5 min into his life because he ate cameras and I filled my mouth by saying I was a backward farmer. There are also death threats. I’m not scared, I’m a hunter so I have what it takes (laughs) ”. Despite all these dangers, the candidate Love is in the pasture try to put it in perspective, because it’s a “ unique human adventure“. Thank you to our colleagues for these revelations.

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