Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip: in the closeness of their sentimental relationship

Married for 73 years, the love between the Queen of England and her prince wife has gone through the years and has overcome all trials. Narration.

They were loved at first sight. Or almost. Elizabeth, who was only a princess at the time, first met her future husband, Philip Mountbatten, when she was just 8 years old. Still a little girl, she was already impressed with this blond prince who had come from Athens. But of course he wasn’t even watching Philip. Five years later, adolescence has begun, Elizabeth and Philip cross again at Dartmouth Military School where he continued his studies. He was 13 and he was 18 and by now, Elizabeth already knew he was the man of her life. Philip and “Lilibeth” then team up an epistolary romance which would last several years, especially because of the Second World War in which the prince bravely fought as an officer in the Royal Navy.

Although the swallowing love of Elizabeth and Philip, the parents of the future queen would not look in favor of this penniless prince whose parents, separated, had to flee their homeland after the revolution. King George VI hoped for the best for his beloved daughter. He stood up and at last he gave. Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth were married on November 20, 1947 at Westminster Abbey.

© Getty Images Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947

Happiness awaits the newlyweds. “We behaved like we had been with each other for years,” Elizabeth wrote to her parents after her honeymoon. Philip was an angel, she is very sweet and caring ”. For his part, Philip also loves his wife. A year after their wedding, the couple adopted their first child, Prince Charles, then Princess Anne. Princes Andrew and Edward would come later, when Elizabeth was already a monarch.

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years of joy

For a few years, Philip’s military career was central to their relationship. From 1949 to 1951, the couple even lived at the British naval base located in Malta and Princess Elizabeth enjoyed playing with the wives of officers away from the majesty of Buckingham Palace. Their sweet freedom will unfortunately not last long. In 1952, King George VI died suddenly and the young woman had to take on the heavy duty of being Queen of England at her birth. Without waiting, Philip was forced out of the army and to leave himself to a life below with his young wife.

Queen Elizabeth and her great love, Prince Philip.
© Getty Images Queen Elizabeth and her great love, Prince Philip.

The adjustment period is sometimes stormy for the newlyweds. Slightly hastened by Queen Mum’s confusion and anger, she is angry to be replaced by her daughter and this son -in -law who is not her fan. “The early years were tough, yes. We have issues. In fact, wearing the title of prince consort is rather difficult. But you get used to it all, you’ll be amazed! as Philip, relaxed and laughing to watch, in an interview on the American program “Today” in 1969. Her charming smile is enough to make you forget the years of suffering that the queen and her prince – in search of a real role to play within the monarchy – passed away after the coronation.

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Prince Philip, the infallible support of the Queen of England

Fortunately, little by little, Philip and Elizabeth saw a form of harmony between the couple’s relationship and the ceremonial life they had to lead. The prince’s wife knows how to make her own necessities and besides a husband, he became Elizabeth’s rock, best friend and confidant. With him, he can take refuge and comfort. ” Philip hardly accepts compliments but she was my only strength, during these years, Queen Elizabeth II delivered a touching speech on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1997. I, all her family, this country and many others owe still to him a very large debt we have incurred. not measure and he will never claim from us ”.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and their children, Charles and Anne in 1951.
© Getty Images Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and their children, Charles and Anne in 1951.

If over the years Prince Philip may have been suspected of treason every now and then and associated with famous women such as the writer Daphné du Maurier or the cabaret dancer, Hélène Cordet, in fact: no concrete evidence of these supposed links has emerged. The royal family of England may have had good relations with the British press, but little did it deter them a case of treason involving the queen’s husband

When asked about the secret of the longevity of his marriage, Prince Philip confessed a few tender words about his wife. “The main lesson we learned together was that Tolerance is an important ingredient for a happy marriage. It may be less important when things are going well, but it is important when things are not going well. I am the first witness to the great tolerance of the queen ”. He was his first supporter.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
© AGENCY / BESTIMAGEPrince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Before bearing the title of “King of England”, Prince Philip made a major contribution to the modernization of the British monarchy during the second half of the 21st century, and thus to preserve it. Endowed with a sense of duty as great as his sense of humor, Philip was always by his queen’s side to help and advise him, especially in times of crisis. “She was a constant force and a guide,” Elizabeth II said in 2012.

Loving parents to their children but far away – as was usual at the time – Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were captured by investing grandparents in their grandchildren. Especially in the case of princes Harry and William, who suffered the full weight of the storm and Charles and Diana’s highly publicized divorce.

Until the death of the prince’s wife in 2021 at the age of 99, the couple remained inseparable and the void left by Prince Philip in the life of Queen Elizabeth is enormous. Undoubtedly, the monarch of England lost his best ally.

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