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Summary: We all deserve a wonderful first love story. But for Simon, it’s complicated. He lives a normal life, with a family he worships and is surrounded by amazing friends, but he keeps a big secret to himself: no one knows he’s gay and he doesn’t know his identity. in his first crush. online. As his secret is threatened to be revealed, Simon’s life becomes an adventure as ridiculous as action … His friends then play a vital role in helping him change his life and discover of his first love.

Our opinion: Hollywood has just come out. Congratulations, even though the weather is still long! While the gay-friendly atmosphere seems to be as strict as an Oscars dress code, that doesn’t mean big studios like Fox will decide to make homosexual heroes into their big products. And while heterosexual love activities inhabit much of the audiovisual scene, LGBTQ people are waiting to finally feel concerned about a character in their image, away from the clichés passed on by an industry. which clearly knows nothing about it and, moreover, does not. seek to understand the needs of a community in search of positive and realistic representations.

So it’s not for nothing that an openly homosexual director like Xavier Dolan (also Nick Robinson’s voice actor for the Quebec version of the film) wants to react on Instagram when he finds out release of Love, Simon in the cinema, saying specifically “Let’s not talk about the film itself, but let’s focus on its existence”.

He has every reason to realize the development of the seventh art in this area: when the vote on the Taubira law in France reveals to politicians that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual voters are like everyone else, to caress the spirit of the hair, the company understands that they are above all consumers! The film industry is a business like any other, fully understanding that the customer is king in the name of the sacrosanct box office, so it’s time to give LGBTQs what they deserve.

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Make way for Simon, a teenager like everyone else, who likes to hang out with his friends, listen to music and eat Oreos, hide his sexual orientation from everyone around him for fear. to be rejected. While pursuing an anonymous epistolary relationship with a high school friend, he falls victim to a blackmailer who gradually forces him out of the closet.

Far from just portraying a young man having to hold his own, the film exposes the folly of being “normal” for everyone by asking the key questions that raise the extremes of a society where heterosexuality imposed as a rule. With the ranks marked, young people today are wondering about their obligations, their sexual freedom and their place in a society where they don’t see themselves. Love, Simon not only does it take a long journey to take a young man to think of himself in everyone’s eyes, but also the difficulties for teenagers in making choices that are sometimes contrary to the expectations of their peers. parents.

It adds new threats to vulnerable people who are still searching for themselves, such as social networks, where the film shows us the most serious excesses. It’s hard to protect your private life and therefore your unspeakable little secrets when anyone can share them with people they don’t belong to. Young people today have to face new challenges while their own parents do not yet have enough insight into Internet abuses, which further complicates an already dangerous search for identity at this age.

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Fortunately, a movie like that Love, Simon exists now and shows that goodness has not yet disappeared. For once, dating is not described as a destructive stage in a young gay’s life, nor is he here an unloved marginal or a loner who is afraid of beatings. Simon was well surrounded and led a privileged life with a loving family and good friends in their sneakers and their time. So, of course, not everyone has the opportunity to grow up in such a positive environment, which is somewhat detrimental to the realism of a film whose existence is only good for you. The school is as clean as High School Music, teachers take sides to protect their students by eliminating possible blindness and parents are so attentive and understanding that it is hard to imagine that, somewhere, there are people who are troubled by homosexuality. yea Love, Simon nor is it part of a parallel world, it may even mention the difficulties that all high school students will face sooner or later before reaching adulthood.

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Nor should it arouse some of the worst clichés about homosexuals, among the high school gay outcast, the female cartoon who is relentlessly interested in her hair and nails or in depicting Simon’s life as imagining himself completely self -reliant. university, in her room full of rainbow flags and photos of gay couples kissing, before going to Whitney Houston dancing class. These smiley scenes often spoil the message and show that Hollywood has a long way to go.

Beautifully crafted and carries a positive and optimistic communication message of love, Love, Simon is perhaps the first in a long line of films where LGBTQ ultimately has a place and above all visibility, such as a society where the “norm” is admittedly in some way useless. If we think that one day he will have something to do in search of happiness, we will argue that the film is certainly not harmful, but above all a lot of benefits.

While the film was a huge success in the United States and challenged the release of many young gays, enthusiastic about the film’s warm atmosphere, let’s leave the last word to Xavier Dolan: “I’m happy with the way how things have moved on, and despite the loneliness you feel when you’re a teenager going out, I feel supported.I’m lucky.But most young people don’t. Love, Simon a big step for them, and for us. Thanks to all the artists and people involved. ”Couldn’t have been better!

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