LoL: Karmine Corp, love letter to Cabochard

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Back and forth to the back. the Karmine Corp. wrote history by winning the European Masters and despite his dream roster, it’s never a conclusion. It’s been a long way since the Play-In stage. We were skeptical at times, especially after the heavy and impressive loss against the X7. We can even say a little miracle in the semi-final against Team Vitality. But in the face of adversity and pain, the team never stopped and always relied on its chances. KC has won its third European championship title and the ultras can celebrate. After this exploit that allowed Karmine Corp to knock louder than ever on the LEC door, everyone had their favorite. Rekkles attract the spotlight as always. saken, very fast during the playoffs also had a lot of fans. But let us also not forget the youngest. passing and 113 who also know how to raise their level. But for our part, we want to send love Cabochard. It may be a dinosaur because of its relatively tall age (25 years old), but if it is a T-Rex!

Open letter to Cabochad

Lucas Simon Mesletyou have a very French name but you are above all part of inheritance in our country. An important figure on the FR scene for many years, we would like to thank you for the work by paying you all the respect you deserve. We have long since discovered your brother Istari and the project Sparta. At that time, we followed your debut on the competition scene and your meteoric rise to the LCS EU with attention Gambit. Obviously, we’re a little sorry for the replacement You acceptthe legendary Swaglord, but in the end it will give way to the same myth CaboChad !

You show many times that you have a lot to noggin. You make us dream Team Vitality and your run of the Worlds in 2018 will forever be in our hearts. And even as time goes on, no one says there will be nothing else soon … With you, rationality and logic can prevent all predictions. Apparently saddened to end your relatively dry adventure among the bees, we follow you happily until Karmine Corp.. After Adam the little prince, we have the right to return to king ! We thought the joy was shared then that we found a bright and determined player that we would follow with confidence in Mordor. You hold it willing like a boss and every week we watch with admiration for your rule on the long line. And what to say if we find out that you have decided to stay in our good old French league despite more than just reasonable interest in the LEC structures … There was a time when you were playing for a team named Heavy Botlane. But now, it’s on the toplane with KC’s heavyweight.

Karmine Corp wrote her legend and the entire community should thank you. In times when we were skeptical, we criticized, we were scared after the LFL Spring Split. But we hope you find the strength to forgive us. Good on you and your teammates during EUM. In the end, ragner the young fox threatens, but you old wolf, shows that there is still kind of a gap between the two of you. Like most, she can get inspiration from you to progress and hope to achieve a career as full as yours. Cabochard, I’m not a Karmine Corp ultra and I’d rather tell you everything Walk that my heart belongs to another team person in the French scene. But as a League of Legends fan, I can only admire and respect you, and that’s without a doubt.

It’s the mark of the greats and your aura, your history, your career is more than just the framework of clubs. You speak the most beautiful language that all esports fans can understand: the language of Nice game. Even Lee Sin the blind monk understood this. For as long as and as far as possible, in the LFL, LEC or even on the other side of the world if necessary, Long live Cabochard.

Signed: a non -secret admirer


France has no representative in the League of Legends MSI this year, as Vetheo, Hans Sama or even toucouille have failed to qualify. But we will still speak a little French during the competition because there will be 3 French speakers to follow and support!

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