Franck from L’amour is in the pasture that has been reframed in production, the reasons!

Frank cut! Last year, Karine Le Marchand once again helped a dozen farmers in France and Switzerland to help them find true love.

Among them, Franck, a big -hearted lumberjack, made a strong impression. Before Anne-Lise falls in love, she immediately misses the sweet Cécile. He immediately did everything to get the beautiful blonde back, sometimes badly.

A former army non-commissioned officer who became a forester and market gardener, Franck received a very strict education from the Jesuits. In other words, the things of love are almost unknown to him!

With his honesty and his way of life made of hunting and nature, Franck doesn’t just ally himself on social networks. During the broadcast of the show, Franck could not refrain from responding to his critics.

A habit not appreciated in the making of the M6 ​​dating show. Franck confesses here: What I’m accusing is of responding to some people with rude language. When people call me an asshole, I don’t say ‘please, honey’! I called to order openly and was told it was annoying. But if someone slapped me, I punched them in the face. I am a lumberjack!

If Franck accepts criticism of the way he treats his suitors, something upsets him. She accuses her beloved dog, Orion, of being mistreated: I have complaints at the SPA, great difficulty! Hunting for trophies in my house, I understand that people don’t like that. I expected to be attacked for that, but not for the dog.

My dog ​​was suspended for 5 minutes of his life for eating cameras and I was much disappointed to be told that I was a backward farmer. I also received death threats.

But Franck wants to continue the positive side of this amazing adventure. In fact, if he doesn’t find love, he finds friends and the strength to carry out his plan for housing.

Love is in the past: Franck’s icy insinuations against one of his grandchildren in the past.

There seems to be disappointment as much as annoyance in Franck’s words. Within a few weeks, viewers discovered the forester and market gardener in the 16th season of Love is in the meadow (M6). During the show, she invited two of her suitors to her house to get to know them better: Anne-Lise and Cécile.

Despite a kiss with Anne-Lise, Franck quickly regrets his choice after Cécile leaves. He then did everything to get back his opponent, who was with him showing up during the assessment. Despite this, the couple is no longer together now, but the relationship seems to remain good.

On Instagram, Franck posted a photo in a press article, where we saw him surrounded by suitors he met during speed-dating. Everything is there, except.

Anne-Lise. And upon reading Franck’s comment, we quickly understood that he no longer wanted to be in contact with his ex -girlfriend.

ADP’s adventure has produced great encounters (other than someone I want to forget… and who isn’t in the photo) that I always welcome here with joy.

Because they all came one day to discover my island and the mill where they knew they were welcome, he said. Asked by his subscribers after this icy statement, Franck confirmed that he was talking about Anne-Lise.

I intended to remain his friend. She was hurt that I loved Cécile more than she did. He was very angry with me.


I was cold because he asked me to sell the property so we could enjoy life. Annoyed at not succeeding, yes, I have already forgiven him and I hope he finds his prince charming, he deserves it, he replies to many Internet users.

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