do this simple calculation to find out if you are compatible with love

You can easily find out how well you get along with your loved one in character, manners, life values ​​and principles after a few weeks of close communication. However, to find out if your destinations are involved, or if this person is on your way, you need to turn to numerology. For example, there are some simple formulas where you can find out not only your suitability for the middle name, but also how your relationships will improve in the future and what to pay more attention to to keep the love going. and mutual understanding.

One of the quickest and most reliable ways to find out if you and your partner are a good match is to calculate the appropriateness of your name. For a more accurate result, many numerologists also add the surname to the formula. It is believed that these data affect our lives in the same way as the zodiac sign, astrological houses, date and time of birth. The first name is given to a person at the time of his birth and its meaning is clearly traced throughout his life.

love compatibility first names formula

To calculate the love suitability of a man or a woman, place a white plate in front of you and write your name and your spouse’s name on it. On a numerological basis, you need to translate each letter into its numerical code. To do this, use a special array:

A = J = S = 1
B = K = T = 2
C = L = U = 3
D = M = G = 4
E = N = W = 5
F = O = X = 6
G = P = Y = 7
H = Q = Z = 8
If = R = 9

love compatibility first names simple calculation

For example, if your name is Claire and she is Antoine:

Claire = 3+3+1+9+9+5 = 30

3+0 = 3

Anthony = 1+5+2+6+9+5+5 = 33

3+3 = 6

Claire + Antoine = 3+6 = 9

Your torque number IS… 9!

Having received a two-digit number as a result, it must be reduced to a simple amount … Add the digits that make it up until you get a number from 1 to 9.

Name matching test: meaning of results

percentage of love matching with first name

Name matching 1

In this “love at first sight” couple, it’s an instant attraction, a love for no reason … This type of relationship requires maintaining a flame for fear of losing feelings. Don’t let this man (woman) guide you through the nose, but don’t forget to breathe on him as well.

Compatibility of love in name 2

In fact, this is the best result! You are made to understand and cooperate with each other. In summary: you are 100% compatible with love. You are met in heaven by your spouse. You can trust your partner’s sincerity.

compatibility love first name formula

Compatibility of love first name 3

In fact, it is the ideal companion to celebrate life and have fun. One thing is for sure: you are the most fashionable couple of the year. However, try to keep your privacy out of sight and make sure one-on-one.

Compatibility of names of love 4

This love story has to be built slowly and it has to take time. It’s not easy to strike a good balance, so don’t rush things. Take what is given in the gift and you will see tomorrow the rest.

love compatibility first name couple

Name matching 5

Basically, with this companion, you have to expect everything. Uncontrollable attraction, crazy love, destructive love, burning feelings. If you want a peaceful relationship, this guy/girl is not for you. There is nothing to gain.

Name love compatibility test 6

This alliance reveals balance. No doubt you are in perfect harmony and your philosophies of life are the same. So it’s no coincidence that you choose each other.

percentage fit of names

Compatibility of names 7

Overcoming this guy/girl is a matter of time … Don’t panic. There are couples who need time to find each other. Learn to surprise him, anticipate his desires without telling him and anything and you will find the little weakness that can make him break. In summary: patience.

Compatibility of first name love 8

This duo works only on emotions: anger, excitement, jealousy, enthusiasm, love. This is a psychological test for you. With 8 in the first name compatibility calculation result, liking can also be one of your advantages. You really know how to turn on your partner. But be careful: if you overdo it, you risk burning your fingers.

first name compatibility test of love

Compatibility and similarity of names 9

A romantic love is like a fairy tale: that’s perfect fit! Gentle words abound, full moon encounters, romantic text messages – this partner will do everything to make you dream. You may have found the knight in service mentioned in all the books, the prince charming in your childhood dreams and your true half. However, be careful, if you are not careful, it can be stolen from you.

compatibility test with first name love

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