Will Meta destroy the Metaverse before it exists?

It’s been six months since Mark Zuckerberg posted open letter announces his vision of the metaverse and the rebranding of Facebook to Meta.

Even if it paints an attractive picture – “in the metaverse, you can do almost anything you can think of,” we are told – the letter leaves plenty of room for translation, sparking debate as to what form this new virtual world. kuhaa. .

Some argue that the Metaverse already exists (at least in its building blocks), while others say that the necessary behavior will not be met for many years. But broadly speaking, it is understood that the metaverse will consist of a series of interconnected spaces connecting the physical and digital worlds, by mixing traditional and augmented reality (XR) platforms.

(Image credit: Meta)

In his letter, Zuckerberg acknowledged that the metaverse “cannot be done by one company” and will require new management models to ensure that “more people have a stake in the future.”

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