The Perfect Catwoman Relationship Is With Another Villain, Not Batman

Warning! Big spoilers ahead Catwoman: Lonely City #3!

Even Selina Kyle Batmanthe most popular love interest, the latest issue of Catwoman: Lonely City just proved he was even better than another thief in Gotham City. Since its first issue, the comic has been recognized as one of DC Comics ’most critically acclaimed series of 2021 or 2022. The heroes and villains of the iconic DC die in dystopian Gotham ruled by Mayor Harvey Dent.

Selina wearing her Catwoman costume once again sparked a revolution against Mayor Dent, who banned vigilantism and criminal activity so strictly in Gotham that even Halloween costumes are no longer allowed. Even if Dent claims that Gotham would be safer without Batman or vigilantes, there are signs that it isn’t. However, the third issue of the comic progresses the story even more with the cat-themed protesters against the Batcops. This time, Selina recruits Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Riddler, and a few more to get through the Batcave to find out what Bruce Wayne has left to save Gotham. However, Catwoman sadly lost Killer Croc just before the third issue began, becoming one of its closest allies. “Old Man Logan” kind of story.

Selina has always had an interesting dynamic with Edward Nygma, AKA the Riddler. Either way, no fan can doubt that they will sleep together. on Catwoman: Lonely City #3 by writer and artist Cliff Chiang, that’s exactly what they do. After the death of Killer Croc, the team was in dire need of R&R, so Selina ended up going on a long walk with the revamped Riddler, which turned out to be an enthusiastic hug. Lying on the bed, the two discuss what “Orpheus” means – Batman’s last words kept secret -. Because Riddler knows the process of solving Batman’s problem better than any villain, he can interpret Orpheus ’story for Selina. Riddler decodes the story of Orpheus and concludes it can be done “Just make a cool codename” just because Batman skillfully fears superstition and ridicule. This line of thinking brings Riddler to two more allies who can help Catwoman and her motley crew of anti -heroes – Doctor Fate and Jason Blood, aka the host of Etrigan the Demon.

It seems like a strange option to combine Catwoman and Riddler, but it makes a lot of sense. Often, Catwoman feels like an attraction to Batman, in part because she’s always thinking about everything. Likewise, Riddler is always oblivious to his opponents in creating his puzzles. Batman usually dominates him, but Nygma is definitely considered a brain. In remembering the Riddler, Catwoman takes the time to get to know him better than when Batman was there. Catwoman really praised Riddler for his talents desolate town, and Chiang illustrated that Nygma would have been on his side of the law from the beginning. Riddler would be perfect for Selina.

Chiang’s strange but bizarre look at this adult version of Catwoman is nothing short of surprising so far. Not only does his drawing style translate to some of the most minimalist designs in the comic book, but Chiang is also a remarkable narrator. In fact, his view of Selina and Riddler’s relationship is similar to the bond between Nite Owl and Silk Specter in guards, which stands as one of the most critically recognized comic book series to date.. Catwoman: Lonely City only one book remains; fans can only imagine what Selina would do to break up BatmanMystery “Orpheus”. Perhaps with Riddler’s help, he will go deep into the Batcave to find out.

Batman is about to get his worst beating since Bane

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