The Metaverse: if the Internet merges with virtual reality

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Couldn’t have escaped you … The Facebook group became Meta.

Name change, logo change: the white “F” on a blue background becomes a blue (twisted) infinity sign on a white background.

This change should reflect the group’s new ambition: building the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

The so -called “Metaverse” is still the same very blur for many people.

But here’s what Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s chief technology officer, said:

“The Metaverse is a set virtual spaces that you can MAKE and to explore of people who do not physically in the same place as you ”

However, for me this definition has a serious problem: it could be the definition of a social network or an online game.

However, Metaverse is NOT a next generation social network.

There is a big difference between Metaverse and a social network like Facebook, or an online game like World of Warcraft.

The difference is that now if you go to Facebook or WoW, you do it while sitting behind your screen.

Metaverse wants to take you to the screen.

As in Matrix.

Create a world that put between your vision and reality …

But how is this possible?

Yano ra.

It should be noted that technological revolutions are often the result of fusion of two main technologies.

Smartphone is cell phone + Internet.

Autonomous cars are cars + artificial intelligence.

Metaverse is Internet + Virtual Reality

Here, I think, the correct definition of Metaverse.

It is the blend of two technologies that already exist, making it possible to create a virtual universe in which one can fully immerse oneself.

If you’ve ever tried a virtual reality (VR) headset, you know what I’m talking about.


The VR headset (see photo) brings you to a different visual universes.

If you look at a screen, even if you are absorbed, you are still in fact.

Next to the screen are your hands, the table on which your computer is placed… And when you turn around, you can no longer see the screen.

With a VR headset, it is your view as a whole who is taken to another universe.

If you turn around, it’s always the parallel universe in front of you. You don’t more eye contact with reality.

In short: little by little, as we build the Metaverse, we always bring your feelings in the parallel universe.

First, a headset will cut off your viewing of the real world, so you can only see a virtual world.

Then, this helmet will integrate with earphones, so that it is the sound of this virtual world that reaches you.

Sight and hearing are the simplest senses to be “cut off” from reality. But only one first stage.

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What’s the next step?

I’ll be honest: I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.

But like everyone else, I have assumptions. And I documented myself.

In my opinion, the next evolution of the Metaverse has 2 characteristics:

1. create the most complete virtual universe possible (virtual spaces to explore, possible activities, general features, etc.) ;

2. further increase in sensory immersionso that the virtual universe can be touch like the real world.

Point 1) doesn’t have to be a problem.

Many online games have already developed theirs immersive versionwhere the player composes their 3D avatar with a VR headset, and sees everything through their eyes.

BMW has already started making virtual version of its factoriesto organize virtual tours anywhere in the world.

Don’t forget that the Metaverse is the Internet released from its final frontier: the screen.

Personally, I’ve seen prefabricated bridges with other technological revolutions: why not art gallery, full of NFT (these are digital artworks)to be displayed by their Metaverse owners and displayed for money?

Point 2) definitely a more complex technological challenge.

This is it increase touch, smell and taste in the Metaverse…

Because even with a good VR headset, now if you go too far, you’ll come up against real -world furniture. Because your body is still in the real world.

I thought (and it’s really personal) that we can see clearly, in the model of sensory deprivation chambers, virtual reality boxeswhere it is no longer our eyes and ears that are sunk, but all our senses and our whole body.

And even there, we didn’t open until the end theoretical possibility in the Metaverse.

What will the Metaverse look like when it is completed?

Through these examples, I can imagine you understand: the Metaverse is the entire virtual universe.

mao ni “ the other side of the mirror “.

It is the forgetfulness of the body, of the physical world… to be another, of another world, with infinite possibilities.

That’s why it’s so complicated to talk about the Metaverse: it’s a new reality.

But the hardest thing is not imagining the near future.

is imagination where is all this progress going.

But we can already imagine examples of Metaverse applications.

It seems inevitable to me that at some point, if we know how to make all the senses in a virtual universe out of virtual stimuli, the virtual sex market will explode.

It’s small, but it’s the reality of the world: people are obsessed with sex, money, and power. (not always in this order).

This is well anticipated in the series black mirror with its disturbing phase Attack the Vipers… where two friends become lovers in a fight video game, where one of them plays a female character.

Of course, this incident surprised them IMPACT what is in these virtual activities of their sexuality in the real world.

In the same vein, the Metaverse is at risk (like the Internet, to some extent)to be outlet of human impulses.

It’s a safe bet that virtual realities will show up, where, because it’s virtual, we’ll give you free rein. our worst instincts : ultraviolence, murder, insanity and excess of all kinds …

And as they are virtual, everything is forgivable, nothing can be forbidden: we can “toy” with the bad guy …

But you can see the risks it poses:

– No longer distinguished between real reality and virtual reality

– Make the preference the worst exaggeration

– Development of personality and personality disorders

And again: this is not the culmination of what the Metaverse can do

From world 1 to world 2

The final stage of the Metaverse could take us to the level where physics, medicine and technology come together.

In summary: instead of forgetting your body, or temporarily replacing it with a virtual avatar …

The final version of Metaverse will take us out of the real world, shifting our consciousness into the virtual universe.

Enough to completely end Man’s asymptotic limitation – his body.

I know, terrible.

But these are actually milestones, far from it, presented by the Metaverse.

We’re talking here on another topic, transhumanism … or how to “add” a person to increase his or her longevity, what he’s done, his recognition …

And even if it’s an interesting topic, I prefer it stop here in my progress – otherwise, this letter will never end.

What I want to point out is that the development of Metaverse is over on in confusion with philosophical, ethical and metaphysical questions.

This could be an indication that it is a singularity in our technology history.

That is, a discovery that change humanitywith the appearance of a technology with almost infinite possibilities that comprise a point of no return…

But let’s take a step back before we end.

Utopia or dystopia?

I let my imagination run its course to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities opened up by this technology.

And if I deliberately insisted on the intimidating nature of the Metaverse, it doesn’t have to be a dystopia to make – or even not necessarily a dystopia at all.

For some, the possibility of a second time – in the most perfect sense – is one great source of hope.

Think of sick children, who are confined to the hospital, to be the hero of the virtual storyThe

Think of the helpless, those who don’t have time to travel, but who can do the Metaverse see what Machu Picchu looks like… Or the Moai on Easter Island.

think also of people singlewhere no one comes to ring.

Those who suppress their loneliness by surfing the web… Those who also call for a universe with relative boundaries, a place of exchange, to be opened up.

Think of the weak who dream of being strong, the lonely who dream of being surrounded … the poor who want to see the world …

And you can understand that there is no complete utopia, just as there is no complete dystopia.

Things, as always, more complicated than it looks.

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