[TEST] Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, an interesting but unfair remaster

One of the biggest RPG the first PlayStation in the name has remaster rights available from April 7th. Chronocross arrived for the first time in France, 23 years after its release in Japan and has a special edition! So what is its value remaster ? Here is our test.

Chrono Trigger, a name that has left players indifferent. In fact, it’s one of the best RPG of his generation. Released on super nintendo in 1995, it is still very popular today, due to the part of its cult given its screenplay, drama and of his ideas. But also thanks to its creators: Akira Toriyama (father of dragonball), Yuji Horii (DragonQuest) ug Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy). Named after “DreamTeam“, The creative team gave birth to a RPG powerful and grabbing that continues to mark the video game world. And so, the idea of ​​creating a sequence of this concept is clearly in the works. Four years ago it was released in Japan by playstation, Chronocross, which will land in 2000 in North America. The development team is not the same in the background, but the idea of ​​time travel is preserved. The screenplay of the game is written around visual novel Radical Dreams, released in 1996 only in Japan. But today, Chronocross and Radical Dreams officially released in France on Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition, all have VF. A real joy for saga fans.

We won’t leave Serge in a corner

out stopwatch and his barkadas. Here we follow the adventures of Si Serge. She lives a peaceful life in her small coastal village, surrounded by a loving community. And especially this Lena, his friend and childhood sweetheart. One day, he fainted on the beach after a strange incident by the sea, he returned to his village and… No one knew him. Then he realized he was no longer in his universe. Even crazier, he even knew he died of it. His purpose is to understand how he came to this catastrophic fate and change the course of time.

Like all good J-RPG on Square-Enixthe story is the most important and the spiritual continuation of Chrono Trigger is the proof. Why spiritual? Because, even if it carries the same gene, it’s not the continuation, nor the prequel to Chrono Trigger. The adventure of Si Serge takes place in the universe itself with unique characters. It’s all mixed up in time travel, because that’s what makes up the essence of the saga.

More than its predecessor

Like most of J-RPG that from the 90s (not all clear), we found mechanics in turn-based combat. Just what Chrono Trigger brought a revolutionary, Chronocross true fi. In fact, the encounters take place in different scenes, as can be seen in a Pokemon hope Final Fantasy. While his successor chose to fight TpT in real time. This makes it possible to move on faster and create fluidity. With unique options, the game implements fast forward accessible from the beginning, but also the possibility of avoiding unexpected encounters or rapidly increasing the level of one’s characters. History focus on the story than drama.

Let’s talk about the fight. For a connoisseur, there is nothing special to report, but for a neophyte, it seems confusing. The combat system is built around a system of statistics : The lower the stat, the more damage the attack can do. If you hit the chain, the attack statistic will increase. But if the enemy evades or the strike is missed, the loop will break and the statistics will return to normal. A system we understand dint in the fight but seems strange at first.

Chronocross fit a drama similar to trigger : travel by directly moving a large map, managing the character directly in the menu, and more. But just to distinguish himself from his older brother, CROSS there are 45 playable characters, all with different designs and a character of their own. Creating the perfect team is never harder than that Chronocross.

A successful remaster?

While Europe does not yet officially have the right to its version of Chronocross when it first released in 1999, Square-Enix decided to offer this opportunity to fans. And as a bonus Radical Dreamsthe visual novel multiple-choice with no port other than Japan. A benefit for the worshipers of both stopwatch. But there is visible chaos. Aside from the nostalgic and finally official part, the remaster did not live up to the titles except Square-Enix carried to this day. the frame rate is the strawberry to start fights (from 60 to 25 FPS on computer) if multiple characters are on the screen. Fluidity drops when there are too many screen animations, perspective management does not help to fully understand level design. The result is sadly unfair for one remaster and ruin the joy of discovering or discovering the game.

However, the adventure remains interesting and enjoyable. The French version, even with some translation flaws, finally allows you to experience the story in a fluid and enjoyable way. Graphic overhaul of characters from playstation, allows you to thank them with a certain modernity, light but still noticeable. Even if it is possible, for the most nostalgic, to enjoy the original graphics by activating them in the settings. There is no denying, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition a nice throw of the basics, but not as smooth as one might think.

On a serious note, this is true. The experience is fascinating, the adventure great and cult. but Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition suffers in a version remastered very poor and insufficient innovation. the frame rate remains very unequal in many areas and the menu should have had better ergonomics. We hope that future updates will correct the situation. However, the trip didn’t leave anyone indifferent, the characters we knew revealed charisma, with shocking music and a touching story. In short, the saga of stopwatch worthy of all consideration.

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