Stock Market Blueprint: Inflation, Disney Revenue, Electric Vehicle Manufacturers And The Metaverse

Major stock indexes deepened their correction in the first week of May, leaving the Dow Jones Industrialists with six consecutive weekly losses and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite with five losses each. . The 10 -year Treasury yield hit a 42 -month high. U.S. oil prices ended the week at just under $ 110 per barrel, up 53% on the year. The coming week covers revenues from Disney and some of the major EV makers, as well as the important inflation gauge and the IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index.


Stocks to watch: top five of strong sectors

As the stock market goes deeper in its correction, investors need to be more cautious before making further purchases. However, this is an important time to watch stocks and sectors move forward, such as Northrop Grumman (NOC), Chevron (CLC), LIVING (LTHM), Mosaic (MOS) and Merck (MRK). Northrop and Chevron are looking for support near their 50 -day lines on shallow bases. Livet led last week on strong earnings and forecasts, surpassing a near-term high. Actually, the lithium game could be a few here. The fertilizer heavyweight Mosaic is back in its 50 days after a big run. Merck is just below a point of purchase on a five -month cup -based hold.

Economic calendar: inflation gauges, consumer sentiment

Have we passed the long-awaited high of the inflation rate? Many economists think so, and we’ll get confirmation – or even more sadness – with the release of the April Consumer Price Index Wednesday at 8:30 am ET. Confidence primarily represents a point of comparison, as the rise in used car prices that began in April 2021 will no longer be part of the 12-month change. But even if the highs are over, the monthly fluctuation and the producer price index for April, released Thursday morning, will form a brief view of how quickly the decline will be. os in inflation. Also worth noting, the IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index, an early month reading of consumer confidence, was released on Tuesday at 10 am ET. With higher fuel prices and lower stock prices, we could be backtracking after the April rebound.

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Electric car manufacturers: Rivian, Li Auto, Lightning Report

After the trade closed on Wednesday, Rivian (RIVE) is expected to lose $ 1.41 per share of revenue of $ 132.7 million. Production prospects can be decisive Amazon (AMZN) and Ford (F) supported EV startup. Rivian aims to produce $ 25,000 vehicles this year but, like all automakers, faces significant supply chain issues. These include the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. Early Tuesday, start in Chinese Li-Auto (LI) is likely to lose 7 cents a share from losing 6 cents a year ago. Revenue is expected to rise 173% to $ 1.49 billion. Investors will be looking for updates on supply disruptions following Covid’s lockouts that exclude electric car sales in April. Li also made his April debut with the L9 SUV, a new electric vehicle and the second in its lineup. Early on Friday, Lightning e-Motors (ZEV) is likely to cut losses by 24 cents per share from 86 cents a year ago to nominal revenue of $ 5.5 million.

Streaming Media: Disney Squares Off Vs. Netflix

As the Dow Jones earnings season draws to a close, waltz disney (DIS) tops the long list of media names preparing to report. The 29-month Disney + streaming service subscriber stats are on point, after Q1 weakness from netflix (NFLX). Other media leaders who need to report include Sony Group (SONY), fox (FOXA) and freedom of the world (LBTYA).

Video games: metaverse actions to report

Two video game companies hoping to play a key role in the upcoming metaverse will report their results in the March quarter on Tuesday. These companies, Roblox (RBLX) and Software Unit (tu), has tools and services to create virtual worlds. Both companies are not profitable and are in investment mode. The coming week will also see revenue reports from video game platforms nintendo (NTDOY) and sony (SONY), and game publishers electronic arts (EA), Playtika (PLTK) and SciPlay (SCPL).

Restaurants: Wendy’s, Krispy Kreme that we are due

Fast food chain by Wendy (LOUPE), drive-thru coffee chain Dutch brothers (BROS) and donut maker Krispy Kreme (DNUT) published their first quarter results on Wednesday. Wall Street expects Wendy’s revenue per share to fall 10% to 18 cents while revenue will rise 8% to $ 497 million. Krispy Kreme’s profit is also expected to decline, falling 46% to seven cents a share, with sales up 15% to $ 369 million. Dutch Bros., which began operations in September, earned a penny share of revenue of $ 145.5 million. The chains will be paid for afterwards McDonald’s (MCD) and Starbucks (SBUX) reported weak customer resistance to higher prices overall, even as McDonald’s noticed a slight “decline in trade” in some areas.

Marijuana stocks: Cronos, Aurora report

Canadian marijuana growers Chronos Group (CRON) and Aurora Cannabis (PBR) reported earnings on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, as the industry continued to battle losses, layoffs, competition and falling prices. Analysts expect Cronos to drop nine cents a share as sales nearly double to $ 25.5 million. Aurora lost 17 cents per share, with sales down 8% to $ 42.1 million. Marijuana stocks have generally been shot down, after hopes of U.S. legalization faded

Non-American Big Pharma: Bayer, Takeda

germany Bayer (BAYRY) and Japan Pharmaceutical Takeda (TAK), in a wave of acquisitions that includes Shire in 2019 and biotechs Maverick and GammaDelta last year, will report their new results on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Analysts expect Bayer’s sales to be nearly flat at $ 14.96 billion. The adjusted income is expected to rise by two cents to 80 cents per share. Takeda is expected to get 6 cents per share of $ 6.94 billion in sales. Revenue will be down 90% while sales will be down 1.5%.

Food producers: chicken prices in short

Poultry Giant Tyson Foods (TSN) published its results for the second fiscal quarter on Monday. Wall Street expects Tyson to earn $ 1.86 per share, a jump of 39%, with sales of 14% to $ 12.844 billion. The company reports that an epidemic of avian flu has devastated American commercial hosts, and that climate pressures and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have increased the cost of fertilizer and crops and made feeding and management worse. you are very expensive. All of the effects of soaring grocery bills. Other issues, such as staffing difficulties, also limited production. Valued ingredients (RDA), a company that makes animal products and used oil into fat, grease and other ingredients, reported Tuesday.

Energy industry: Occidental, Suncor, Petrobras report

While oil markets are in turmoil, western oil (OXY) is the leading producer of reporting. The results are less about revenue and more about costs and expenses. To what extent has inflation in the oil fields raised the cost of production? With the world screaming for oil, how much should producers spend more just to keep up with the rising cost of services, labor and materials? Canadian oil sand producer Suncor Energy (SU) and Brazilian state support Petrobras (PBR) also signals, as well as oil transportation names, including Teekay Tankers (TNK) and SFL (SFL).

Brief stock market results:

XPO logistics (XPO), a trucking company, released first -quarter results on Monday. Wall Street expects EPS of 93 cents, up 9%, but sales are expected to fall 33% to $ 3.221 billion

After the trade closed on Monday, Trex (TREX) is expected to post 28% EPS gain of up to 54 cents on a 33% revenue jump of $ 327 million.

Celsius Fund (CELH), an energy drink maker, released first -quarter results on Tuesday. Wall Street expects earnings per share of three cents, up from a penny a year ago, while sales will rise 129% to $ 114.3 million.

Good Tuesday, Planet Fitness (PLNT) is expected to see an EPS rebound of 172% to 27 cents on sales rebound of 70% to $ 190 million.

shop (ALLER), a discount grocery store, released first -quarter results on Tuesday. Analysts expect the company to earn 19 cents per share, down 17%, on sales of $ 810 million, up 8%.

Hyatt (H), the hotel chain, published its results for the first quarter on Tuesday. Wall Street expects a loss of 38 cents per share, less than a year ago, on revenue of $ 1.105 billion, a gain of 152%.

Select Hotels (CHH), a hotel franchisor, released first -quarter results on Tuesday. EPS is expected to rise 56% to 89 cents, while revenue will rise 39% to $ 255 million.


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