Is it normal to cry after sex or during sex?

“And there, unexpectedly, tears streamed down my face. I didn’t understand what had happened. It wasn’t sadness or joy. ‘It just came on,’ said Julie, remembering her last relationship with her partner. It was this. first time this happened to him and when he told it to his friends, he understood that he was not an isolated case.In effect, cry after love not abnormal and in the end easy to explain: sexuality is intimate because it evokes a lot of emotions in us.

Crying after sex

After an orgasm, the hormonal discharge can especially cause unexpected or shocking reactions, such as tears. Thus they can express an intense joy, a feeling of fullness and joy. If this emotion arises at this time, it is because the sexual relationship allows some kind of withdrawal. “When a person feels relaxed, confident, they can cry for joy after sex, it’s not so unusual,” confirms Lydia Carmin, sexologist. “Sex can be a real outlet, where we release pressure, especially when we are parents and the frequency of our reports is no longer always the same”, he continued. It adds to the fatigue and worries of daily life, making us more vulnerable and subject to this relaxation after love. We cried because we were depressed, in short.

The “sex blues” or if after sex can upset you

But sometimes those tears are unhappy. Some people thus experience great feelings of sadness and loneliness, sometimes sadness, at the end of a report. Then we talked about “sex blues“or sa post-coital dysphoria, far from unique. According to a 2015 survey published in the journal Sexual Medicine. the feeling of abandonment is one of the main reasons mentioned for these post-coital tears. In fact, sex reinforces the sense of togetherness and when the report is over, we find ourselves face to face. Sex brings a shot of joy and tears flow during the descent. “Tears can also be linked to the quality of the relationship in question: sex sometimes makes it possible to realize what is wrong with our relationship with each other,” the specialist added.

If tears flow during intercourse

When tears come to flow during the action, they can reveal a greater weakness. In fact, in this case, we cannot blame the tears on the hormones released at orgasm. Crying during intercourse rarely shows an emotional turmoil. They can sometimes express pain, whether physical or psychological. “If it’s physical pain, that the report is hurting you, it’s important to tell your partner so he or she can stop,” the therapist said. Sometimes crying can also bring on past discomfort or trauma. Many victims ofsexual touch or sexual violence may respond with tears to some of their partner’s actions that remind them of these painful moments in the past. “If the person succeeds in identifying the source of their tears through the trauma experienced, it is already a first step. When they are ready, they can explain it to their partner”, he advises.

How do we react when our spouse cries during sex?

In the face of these tears, the spouse is always confused, because these tears happen at a time that would have been happy. “For my part, I laugh every time. I don’t know if I hurt him, if he doesn’t dare tell me anything. I’m a little clumsy,” Eliott admitted. When a woman cries, men are always angry. They want to comfort them. However, in reality, hugging someone allows you to release more, and therefore even more to cry. As with many relationship situations, communication is key. “If you’re really uncomfortable, you can be wary of trying to understand your partner: do you want to talk about it? Did I do something that hurt you? About tears of joy?” He said. And therefore, any misunderstanding can be resolved. “For my partner, it can almost be a source of pride when I cry after a report. She thinks she got me to release myself completely!” Carole laughed.

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