How to choose your first dog?

Whether adopting or buying, welcoming a dog into your home is no small task, especially if it is your first pet. What do you need to know when choosing your first dog? Is difference more important?

The acceptance of a dogs at home is a real responsibility. It is important to know the life status of the animal while making sure its needs are met.

How to choose the variety of your future dog?

For the first dog, it is recommended to turn in a different easy to train.

In fact, if a dog’s breed can’t predict with certainty a dog’s behavior, it’s still one of the primary selection behaviors. In fact its pedigree makes it possible to determine its size, its physical characteristics but also its capacities to adapt and learn.

For a large or small dog, several elements also need to be considered, especially regarding your lifestyle:

  • the place of residence: apartment or house, presence of an outdoor space
  • the habits of the master: sports activities, sedentary daily life
  • the professional profile: working from home, repeated trips, absenteeism
  • the composition of the household: family, a person, the elderly, other pets

Choosing your first dog also means knowing about its needs, such as physical activities to do, eating, caring for and maintaining it.

Although education and the living environment play an important role, each species has its own specific, characteristics. For example, some are more suitable for families with children, others are more tolerant of calm.

Which dog to choose, for the first time?

By considering the above behaviors, we can identify a few dog breeds for “beginner “.

For a lifetime less active, even sedentary, it is recommended to choose a Maltese Bichon, Cavalier King Charles or even a Toy Spaniel as your first dog. Like the pug, they can live in an apartment.

For a active personthe golden retriever, the Beauceron, the cocker or the boxer are dynamic breeds that require daily physical expenditure.

Particularly intelligent and sociable, the Labrador and the Australian Shepherd are suitable for families and people looking for ease of education.

So it all depends on the way of life and the availability of each person to choose their first dog and take good care of it.

What is the difference between a man and a woman?

When choosing a first dog, the gender differences can also be a measure of self -choice. As a general rule, the size of the male is larger than that of the female. In the event that the animal has an agile temperament, the female is easier to control during walking.

For educational sessions, there are no pre-established rules for identifying male or female dogs. Both can also be calm, obedient and attentive to their master’s directives.

Adopting an animal reassures you, it’s a decision you need to think about very carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the residence nearest you before starting. They can give you their advice on which dog breed is best for you.

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