Franck (Love is in the pasture) is very cash to his ex Anne-Lise, ouch it stings …

While opening the mail from Love is in the pasture soon, we heard from Franck. The farmer with turbulent experience in the past chose the wrong opponent. Is he still in contact with his ex Anne-Lise? He was kind enough to answer our colleagues from Here is the.

Franck and Anne-Lise (Love is in the meadow): Are they still angry?

One thing is for sure, Franck’s adventure on Love is in the pasture different from others. In fact, due to lack of experience, he only had enough to mix his brushes between his two suitors. He chose his reason more than his heart. In fact, in 2021, the 46-year-old forester and gardener at the market welcomed two women to his farm. Anne-Lise, a 40-year-old literature teacher and Cécile, a 43-year-old employee of a sensory analysis laboratory.

A few days later, she realized that the blue -eyed blonde, Cécile, wanted to spend her time. But Franck was in a bit of a hurry. In fact, she was looking for a partner to live with right away. Anne-Lise, the green-eyed brunette, is more enthusiastic and ready to move tomorrow. So Frank came from Love is in the pasture preferred to keep Anne-Lise. Alas, he quickly realized it was a wrong and poor choice. True, he loves Cécile, even though he doesn’t want to admit it. So, he was upset and Anne-Lise was angry with him. Therefore, they do not separate in very good terms. Did their relationship really break down?

They left on bad terms …

He was angry that I loved Cécile more than she did. He wanted me to die“, Admitted Franck de Love is in the pasture. For his part, the farmer also has things to embarrass him. In fact, he didn’t like that she was advising him to sell his land. These statements further infuriated Anne-Lise, who even threatened to file a complaint against her. The file does not go further according to the candidate’s information Love is in the pasture. Here’s what he has to say to our colleagues from the magazine Here is the. ” The complaint however is not admissible. I find it very small, uneducated. According to him, everything is wrong !“, he said.

In addition, the farmer Love is in the pasture kind enough to explain to us more about the history of the sale of the property that hastened the separation. ” Why did you see me on the show already cold to her? There is a reason and after that! It took me 20 years to buy it and suddenly, there was a woman I didn’t know who said mine : ‘honey, let’s sell the property’. Me, I never aim to enjoy life with someone. My goal is to live with a partner on the property, it’s not banging sorrel! She wanted to stop working and move there with the kids.. () I told her that she needed to support her lifestyle through her work and support her children financially. What is Normal“, He explained to reporters.

Love is in the pasture: They didn’t tell us everything!

The scenes were reportedly cut by the production teams of Love is in the pasture. From this reflection, Franck understands that he does not have the same way of presenting himself in the future as Anne-Lise. ” I come from a family that doesn’t show up, this is the aristocratic principle. It was a little something that contradicted me with Anne-Lise. For him, you need to show, you need the big car ! (…) I realized that our way of life is not the same. I’m from a social background I assume, but I really am. Anne-Lise gives herself air in a social environment to which she does not belong.. His attacks, his threats of complaint mocked him. He showed his real face and it was a shame“, he said regretting for her.

But the farmer M6 stated that he was not angry with the teacher. ” Maybe he was deceiving himself. And that, I’m sorry. I hope he finds someone and is happy“, he concludes. We understand that they are not ready to meet again!

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