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Mexico City, May 5, 2022. The forum is nearing completion with the start of the convergence assemblies that began on Thursday, May 5. Seven convergence meetings have been officially registered, not including the networking that has made it possible to conclude the workshops. self -managed. We have noticed assembly rallies of radical alternatives to the Adelante network, in Machrek/Maghreb, in Palestine with a theme United against apartheid, on Feminism and struggle against patriarchy, in transformative economies and education, in addition to hosting the 7th World Assembly of the International Alliance of Inhabitants for the Planet. Here are some highlights from the last statement at the Education Convergence Assembly.

The title of the Convergence Assembly Statement on Education, “Manifesto for other educationssummarizes the perspective adopted by those who participated in the meeting. L ‘”Another education“was the first to be sketched”for another possible world“. This is to mark the purpose of developing a”decolonizing, depatriarchal, anti-capitalist and anti-racist educationas mentioned in the initial statement.

In addition, it is a project that outlines concrete proposals to be implemented in today’s society with the aim of building a march towards a different education. The declaration defines the education project as follows:public, free and quality education, culturally and socially relevant, liberation, change and popular, community and democratic, intercultural, diverse, plural and inclusive, based on epistemic justice and interscientific dialogue“.

Finally, there is also a demand for another education, informal, in awareness and social change. The declaration promotes a citizenship service education, affirming the centrality of popular education, from a perspective.broad, inclusive and transformative“. It’s about developing a lifelong education that values ​​diversity and inclusion, in a time of growing division and inequality.

“NOWe affirm that in these times, education must deepen its ethical and political processes and contribute to social change in sustainable engagement with social movements, citizens, indigenous peoples and farmers. to generate alternative responses. Promote the democratization of education, socialization and dialogue of knowledge with popular methods and approaches to education.»

In a pandemic, the pressure on governments and private actors to use educational technology is very strong. The statement states that digital “is not the solution nor is it enough to solve the major problems of educationdespite a recognition that the use of technology is important. We ask to guarantee digital rights and offer free and relevant platforms and software. Therefore, the education of young people and adults is placed under the banner of more humane practices, and also of unity, dialogue, respect for diversity, with a view to building a just, democratic society, among in the full exercise of the rights of all.

The declaration also recognizes the importance of teachers, as well as educators in the informal learning sector, as well as all those involved in education. In addition, most educational activities are conducted in the area of ​​union organization National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE-democratica), a state-independent organization that broke away from the organization that wielded institutional power during the Institutional Revolutionary Party and ruled for decades in Mexico, damaging educational movements and personnel.

Ronald Cameron,

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