A camera to watch your dog or cat for less than 30 euros, it can be done

Many owners are forced to leave their 4-legged friend at home when calling for work. Hibaloi kana Rouky hope Sylvester Staying alone for a few hours in a round is enough to hurt any owner.

To keep an eye on their furry friend when they aren’t, more and more individuals are investing in a surveillance camera. Connected to their smartphone, it makes it easy to spy on the dog or cat left behind to protect itself at any time of the day.

The model Ranger 2C in the brand Imou, available on Amazon for under € 30, is interesting for a number of reasons. Let’s do a little overview.


Imou ranger2 wireless cctv camera

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A series of parts

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Thanks to the variety of functions, the small surveillance camera Imou Ranger 2C there is something surprising in the gallery:

  • With 360 ° horizontal and 80 ° vertical rotation, nothing can escape the eye of Cyclops.
  • The image quality (1080p Full HD) is stunning, day or night. The infrared vision device covers a distance of 10 m in the dark.
  • This effective tree trunk quickly notices people moving and quickly follows their path. No need to check your phone screen every 5 minutes! As a perfect little indication, it sends instant notifications to your smartphone if it detects activity or sound. That way, it lets you know what’s going on inside your home, wherever you are.
  • Even if you don’t, you have the possibility to communicate directly with members of your household, thanks to the microphone and integrated loudspeakers. Do you want to comfort your dog or cat? This gadget works like a baby monitor.
  • Are you wandering around the house? Private mode, activated with one click, physically covers the lens to maintain your privacy.
  • The surveillance camera Imou compatible with devices supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Finally, you have the opportunity to insert an SD card up to 256 GB (not included). To securely record and store videos, you can also rely on Imou Cloud (30 day free trial with 7 day cycle for registration).

Article illustration: A camera to watch your dog or cat for less than 30 euros, is already possible

An easy grip

Smart and elegant, the surveillance camera Imou become a real asset in your cozy nest. Caring for your beloved chicks is never easy and safe.

Wireless, the device relies on your Wi-Fi to do its job. In the kitchen, living room, bedroom … you can easily install anywhere you want.

To take advantage of its extensive features, download the application Your Life on your cellphone. With just a few moves of the finger, you can manage your pet’s “personal security guard” remotely. It’s over, you won’t be sad again!


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-55% on Amazon!

To get this little gem of technology, go to Amazon, where a great promotion awaits you. The surveillance camera Imou, with an initial price of € 54.99, is now available from € 25.49. So you save € 29.50, to the delight of your wallet. In addition, shipping and returns are free.

If ordered online, you will receive a package that has everything you need to speed up your life and heal your 4-legged friend, namely:

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  • A Wi-Fi surveillance camera.
  • An installation position card.
  • A package of screws.
  • A power cord.
  • A quick installation guide.
  • A mounting plate.
  • A power adapter.

Multifunctional and economical, this product is from the brand Imou definitely worth a visit. So don’t wait any longer, and buy your surveillance camera by clicking here!

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