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Finished, the romantic comedy signed by Judd Apatow bowed. In fact, the third season of love is already on Netflix, and as we announced, it’s finally over. We appreciated very little in the first two seasons of lovea series that tells us how Gus (Paul Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), two unique characters learn to love each other. How about this third season? Warning, spoilers!

  • A close duo more than ever

From the very first season of the first season, we knew that Gus and Mickey would be together, despite the many hardships the couple went through. Between Mickey’s addiction and Gus’s insecurity, the couple turns away, breaks up, then gets back together for over twenty episodes… We were tired enough after just a few hours. This time, Mickey and Gus are together, more than ever the characters work together and not just individually. Of course, like all teammates, Gus and Mickey argue, but at once their misunderstandings no longer seem superficial. Basically, we finally have to deal with a duo that wants to keep going, thrive and grow. Their debates are no longer sterile and are really moving them forward. In short, we finally have a couple of adults doing their best to fix their own problems.

It’s great to see the couple change positively despite the lows in the final stages, because contrary to what we saw in the first two episodes, this time one and the other pull themselves together so that the everyone can grow personally and professionally.

  • Characters looking their way

Gus and Mickey are always interesting (if sometimes annoying) characters. Their biggest mistake so far is not knowing how to progress as a perfect individual. They have stagnated a lot and therefore have not aroused much interest. This season shows us more about how Gus and Mickey progressed beyond their relationship. Gus finally tries his hand at directing, we also know a little bit about his past, and his relationship with Arya is improving. Mickey, on the other hand, became a well -known radio producer and worked in collaboration on feminist themes. Clearly the latter is the one with the biggest evolution in the series. This past season, Mickey even fired Doctor Greg Colter (Brett Gelman), he who, in the first episode of the series, has more in his hand because of his position. Symbolically, the fact that he was fired and everyone was looking at him as the misogynist he always did was a satisfying ending for the viewer.

It’s not just Gus and Mickey who have found balance since Bertie, long associated with Randy, a miserable man, with no job or permanent residence, finally finds the courage to change jobs. with and express a little more. Wisely since the start of the series, we finally found him to be an important one this season 3.

This third season has finally come to an end the series, and the end should definitely come up to the fans ’expectations. In a way, a simple “they became happy and had many children” is not enough. As we said earlier in this review, we knew from the beginning that Gus and Mickey would be together. The series should surprise the audience. Throughout the season (and series), love responds to themes developed at their peak. Mickey’s alcohol addiction is treated differently and Gus is eventually put in trouble. In episode 11, anniversary party, Gus admits that he is not as stable mentally and he still needs to evolve, grow, mature. A reflection that immediately gives the couple a new dynamic, a dynamic we hadn’t expected from the beginning, Mickey is always presented as unstable in the couple.

The final episode of the series definitely marks the very best of what it has given us so far. Gus and Mickey, against all odds, get married, close to an island. If many of their loved ones try to show them that it was an impulsive decision, they Gus and Mickey will eventually listen to their hearts. The last scene shows them smiling at each other, and the love between them has never been seen before…

In conclusion, this final season marks the best of the series. If it remains something that has already been seen and whose purpose is an eternal conclusion, season 3 delivers important messages to us and shows us a couple more united and stronger than ever. love could not have ended better in terms of writing and results. Our rating: 4/5.

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