the cyclist who killed Pistache on purpose as “a junk mini-Poutine”

It’s a little dog who didn’t ask for anything, who was just walking around there, and who had the misfortune to meet a cyclist full of hatred, as you were told on Friday. 20 minutes. This story, Pistache, a 9-year-old chihuahua hit by a mountain bike in the forest of Fausses-Reposes, in Yvelines, provoked an avalanche of reactions of anger, but also support, on social networks. . Especially since, according to several witnesses, the dog was intentionally run over while he was walking with other dogs and a professional walker.

A few days after the tragedy, 20 minutes talks to Delphine, Pistache’s “mom,” who is still in “total incomprehension”, and evokes the memory of the animal being killed.

How do you feel

Rollercoaster, I’m still a bit shocked, I have an anvil in my head when I wake up in the morning … But I have a lot of support on social media, and I’m happy. good because it forces me to move.

Yes there are many reactions… Are you surprised?

Such great support, yes… Very easy. We know how it happens, but when it happens to you, it’s still amazing. There are media and also influencers, and even reality TV stars from Dubai. There is an influencer named Noholita. His dog is Twister, they have a walking group with Pistache. When he learns of Pistache’s death, he makes up a story. This is what sparked the buzz of people following influencers. There are people talking about it like Eva Ducci and Milla Jasmine, who are in Dubai. Maurine, the mistress of a dog walked by one of the attacked walkers, wrote to me and spoke to the media. Now there is a petition posted [qui atteint plus de 36.000 signatures], when I saw that, I couldn’t believe it. The woman who filed the petition called the prosecutor. And then the Brigitte-Bardot foundation contacted me to file a civil action.

Pistachio is the mascot of the neighborhood…

Yes, all the restaurateurs in the neighborhood where I live, Montmartre, love Pistache. My dog ​​is pretty much like the dog in the whole neighborhood, everyone makes it their own. I was not jealous, I was happy for him, I was like, “The more affection he has, the better. The manager of the bar next to my house, Bar’t, was very upset to find out. He always gave Pistache a small slice of ham, he congratulated him … There was a whole ceremony, the tourists were happy. On our walks, we continued down the road near the funicular, we passed in front of rue des Trois Frères, there was a caterer called Josse. Pistache sat down, and Monsieur Josse cut a slice of his homemade ham to the bone. When we arrived at rue des Martyrs, at the Spree café, I released Pistache at the café, everyone loved it. The Ekyog store also knows about this, the owner even kept the Pistache for me for a week when I was on vacation. Pistache even wore a costume to my hairdresser’s son’s wedding. You know, I’m happy to talk about Pistache. When I tell you about it, it will come to life again.

Pistache, the dog killed by an ATV, with one of the businessmen in the neighborhood where he lives. -DR

Have you ever had a problem with cyclists before?

I don’t, I’ve never had such a problem, let alone with scooters. But I have noticed, through the testimonies I have received, that there is a lot of aggression towards dog walkers. People have the impression that Parisians are being attacked, others living around Paris are angry about it, there is real tension. People who walk my dog ​​are always attacked. Some companies walk 10 dogs at the same time, I understand it can bother people, but not the company I use. And yet, that doesn’t make sense to kill a dog. There is a more global problem of living together… I realized that it completely outweighed my problem.

What do you want to say to this cyclist who killed Pistache?

We still haven’t found him. I wanted to tell him I didn’t understand … I didn’t do anything to him, I didn’t enter his house, I didn’t burn his car, and his point of view, he communicated through violence. and murder. He was hooded, so it seemed like I had already planned. He wanted to run the dogs for the first time. I have a total misunderstanding. I’m a person of dialogue, I don’t understand that violence is the way to express his point of view. It’s like junk mini-Putins who think that with violence they will make up their mind. He was a man who could not control his anger. I wonder how you store so much violence to kill a dog.

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