Education. “We don’t want Blanquer anymore”

There was great anger in the teaching world in general ahead of the presidential election, after five years of brutal and widely rejected reforms. However, Emmanuel Macron’s project for the school has been known since 2017, and the completion of its implementation is clearly part of the road map for this new five-year term. It’s going “stronger and more on many issues”, of which education is a part, was trumpeted, from the morning of April 25, the spokesman of the outgoing government, Gabriel Attal. Some will also see it resolved soon rue de Grenelle, where she already holds the position of Secretary of State for Youth, from 2018 to 2020…

“We need more consultation and listening, after five years of authoritarianism and lack of dialogue”response by Isabelle Vuillet, co-secretary general of the CGT Éduc’action, who does not have to look at a blurry perspective in dealing with “someone more flexible and more open”. Naa sa “a change of approach” above all requested by Guislaine David, spokeswoman for Snuipp-FSU, who already predicted that “Teachers can’t be fooled: it can be complicated in five years”. “We don’t want Blanquer anymore”immediately asked Jules Siran, from SUD Education, who recalled “the violence of anti-union repression” below later and warns: “It has to stop. »

Revaluation under conditions

Basically, some files are likely to arrive soon, in the summer. This is undoubtedly the case with the question of wages, which is considered by all centers. Candidate Macron robbed teachers by announcing a “covenant”, where adequate revaluation may be obtained in lieu of acceptance of “new tasks”. A “new world” version of the old slogan “Work harder to get more” by Nicolas Sarkozy, in which the candidate pretended to return to the gap between the two rounds, sparking a 10% increase without conditions… at the start of their careers. Short: “It’s not clear”finished Isabelle Vuillet, for whom “it remains a condition of additional tasks, for staff who already work 42 hours a week on average according to official figures: it is not possible”.

Nor is it possible for Guislaine David to separate this question from the attractiveness of the profession: “The number of participants has been catastrophic this year. Among teachers awaiting their retirement, among those who have left the profession, among those who have stopped entering it, our teachers will be exhausted in the years to come! » For him, a “true healing for all” required, while 50% of teachers do not see the color of those implemented by Jean-Michel Blanquer, with a decrease in class numbers for all levels, and not just for CP and CE1 in priority education.

The promises of consultation “near the ground”in the words of Gabriel Attal, hardly impressive. “If that’s what happened for Marseillecommented Jules Siran, nothing can be expected from it, on the contrary, because it risks leading to the explosion of national executives ” and therefore not the same. Same thing for Guislaine David, who recalls “The” Grenelle McKinsey “experience”where the personalities are in fact marginalized.

“A big step back”

In contrast, concerns about the autonomy of establishments and their competition or the desire to finish a college in order to return to different courses from 5and, “a big step back” according to Isabelle Vuillet, nothing fails.

But the real casus belli could cause a comeback – when will it be this summer? – pension reform. “Give pensions”Jules Siran warned. “Nobody wants it! It’s too much, ” for Isabelle Vuillet, who saw it as a possibility of gathering struggles, while Guislaine David warned: “What we did on January 13, we can copy it.» On that day, we recall, the move was almost unprecedented in its magnitude and the diversity of personnel involved, from inspectors to AESH, forced the government to sit at the negotiating table. 1er The approaching May will provide an opportunity for the first inter-unions. “The dissatisfaction expressed during the presidential election will not go away,” conclusion by Jules Siran.

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