Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Launches Starter Token

Tallinn, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Pre-sale whitelist

Cardaloniaa Cardano Metaverse project that builds a creator -centered Metaverse Cardano blockchain that will connect creators, developers, asset creators, and artists and play to win lovers through an interactive and curated Metaverse experience.

Cardalonia launches to sell its seeds $ LONIA management token. The sale of seeds comes after a private pre-seed financing and the release of the Cardalonia Play concept to profit from the Cardano blockchain.

The Cardalonia Seed Sale is now ongoing and will provide an opportunity to purchase Cardalonia Tokens at lower entry points. In addition to getting Cardalonia (LONIA) tokens at a lower rate, buyers will also get automatic early access to the next Terrania (Cardalonia Land) NFT drop.

The Cardalonia Starting Token Sale will run from April 20 for a duration of 6 Epochs on the Cardalonia website,

The $ LONIA token will list on multiple exchanges after the following funding rounds.

Interested participants can participate in the seed sale using a Cardano-enabled wallet such as the Yoroi or Nami wallet and purchase a $ LONIA token through sales page.

In addition, once the seed sale is over, LONIA token holders can start reserving their presale slots at Cardalonia Land to gain early access to the land sale.

What is Terrania?

Terrania is Cardalonia Land As a player, you can create custom Cardalonia Land experiences that a player must have before they can host Cardalonia NFT assets.

Participants in the LONIA Token Seed Sale will have whitelist access to purchase Cardalonia land plots to be represented as NFTs that will determine which clan each player belongs to.

After acquiring or renting land, you can start designing and building your experiences!

LONIA token

Cardalonia offers users a unique opportunity to experience a creator-friendly and unique game to gain a Cardano experience. $ LONIA, launched as a native Cardano token, is the governance token of the Cardalonia ecosystem.

Users can be staking their LONIA tokens to get prizes, exclusive NFT land, and clan drop.

The Cardalonia Marketplace will serve as the premier in-app marketplace for buying and selling Cardalonia user-generated properties.

Sale of seeds in LONIA tokens

The $ LONIA token seed sale is live for early adopters. You can be part of selling the seed through it CONNECT. After the seed sale there is a pre-sale and after a public sale and IEO. During the seed sale, $ 15 million LONIA tokens will be issued at the rate of 14 LONIA per ADA.

The presale phase will see $ LONIA tokens available at a higher rate, users can read this guide for more details on how to get involved in seed marketing.

In the coming weeks, Cardalonia will release the staking platform, the map of Cardalonia and launch the land pre-sale whitelist.

How to buy LONIA

Buy ADA from any cryptocurrency exchange and send it to your Cardano wallet

Visit the $ LONIA token sale page and send the ADA to the Cardalonia token sale address

$ LONIA tokens will be automatically sent to the wallet address used to participate in Sales.

Interested investors who wish to purchase LONIA tokens during the seed sale can visit token sales page.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can create, own and customize their own Cardano Blockchain experiences.

Unlock creativity in the metaverse as you can earn, create, socialize, play, do business, etc. based on the concept of P2E, which means players will be able to explore it while earning and spending on the game, called and Lonia tokens.

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