Amsterdam To Host Europe’s First Metaverse Festival, MET AMS

The new MET AMS Metaverse Festival is the first of its kind and brings together a substantive conference for professionals with a variety of cultural side events and evening entertainment for a variety of audiences- aw.

During the four -day conference, professionals from the marketing, technology and crypto industries, as well as artists, musicians and fashion designers from the arts and culture sectors, will be able to attend networking activities and participate. in workshops. In addition, artistic streams, concerts and immersive installations make the subject of the metaverse touchable and accessible to a wider audience.

Peter Meere Co-founder of MET AMS: “Developments within Web3 are moving at a rapid pace. Outside of Europe, many events and conferences address the topic of the metaverse. We want to make sure that Europe not to be left behind.MET AMS is here to keep information in Europe and lead developments in technology content, metaverse, NFT and Web3.

The metaverse through a cultural prism

MET AMS is the first metaverse festival in Europe to look at the metaverse through a cultural lens. Metaverse events always appeal to technology enthusiasts, crypto fanatics, and web3 enthusiasts, but MET AMS offers the audience a broader understanding of what the metaverse means for topics like in art, music, fashion and continuity. The festival introduced visitors to various aspects of the Metaverse.

From the impact of NFTs on culture, education and healthcare to other important topics such as diversity, inclusivity and privacy in this new era of Web3. The festival will bring revolutionary technologies to Web3 and the metaverse in a special way, allowing visitors to experience this new digital world for themselves.

Edmund Howard Co-founder of MET AMS at the event: “There are many blockchain, tech and crypto events that will be interesting for a limited number of people. The Metaverse and all that goes with it will impact everyone’s lives in the future. That’s why we organized MET AMS and we created an event that would appeal to the masses.

Fun experiences

Brands, musicians and artists can showcase their own vision in the metaverse through immersive experiences they design and present themselves. These will include digital art exhibits, light shows, virtual and augmented reality experiences that broaden visitors ’perspectives and sharpen their senses.

Rik Woldring Co-founder of MET AMS at the event: “MET AMS provides a platform for young talent from the worlds of art, music and technology. They can showcase their work and network to make more experiences of the most dynamic and new brands in this space. »

Regular and Legendary Tickets

Regular and Legendary Tickets are now available. Tickets give you various access to exclusive features of the event, including the opening event and other networking activities. After scanning the entrance, visitors will be able to retrieve their NFT.

To make this possible, MET AMS has partnered with blockchain ticketing specialist GUTS. Various internationally and local recognized artists will create works of art at NFT. What the NFTs will look like will be revealed during the festival. During the festival, there will be special NFT drops whose proceeds will go to charity.

Names announced

Many brands, professionals and thought leaders from the tech, metaverse, web3 and creative industries can help shape the first edition of MET AMS with their expertise and inspiring insights. Metaverse World Sandbox and NFT projects such as Boss Beauties, HAPE and Cyberkongz will participate in the program. As well as opinion leaders Zeneca and Krys Burnette and artists such as Reuben Wu, Laya Mathikshara and Rik Oostenbroek will be in attendance. Visit the MET AMS website for more information and tickets.

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