Without Enjoyphoenix, “anti-radiation patches” have no health benefits

Influencer Enjoyphoenix has formed a paid partnership to promote “anti-radiation patches” on his Instagram account. Problem: the health benefits of these stickers have not been proven. They can even be harmful.

It’s a paid partnership that could cause more headaches for Enjoyphoenix than the waves released by smartphones. In fact, the famous influencer found himself promoting a product whose health benefits to date have not been demonstrated by science. A gadget presented that is able to reduce or cancel the symptoms attributed to the waves, precisely, such as headaches.

One of the stories of Enjoyphoenix featuring Fazup. // Source: Enjoyphoenix

What happened? On the night of May 4, 2022, the French youtuber and instagrammer, dubbed Marie Lopez of civilian life, shared several “stories” on her personal account. These “stories”, ephemeral content that can be seen in 24 hours, are especially dedicated to a Swiss company, Fazup, whose specialty is making “anti-wave patches”. Or at least, the patches presented as such.

In total, Enjoyphoenix shared nine stories on his Instagram account where he praised the alleged merits of this patch. ” Fazup is not a simple sticker, but a passive antenna that sticks to the antenna on your mobile thanks to the provided installation tool. It controls the emission of mobile waves at the source, and shortens your exposure, but does not eliminate 100% of the waves. “, can we read for example an insert that accompanies the words of the influencer.

More than up to date. The problem is, unfortunately for Enjoyphoenix as well as Internet users mistakenly put their trust in this paid partnership (the amount of the contract between the influencer and Fazup is not public. We just know that the Internet users he manages to convert are entitled to a 20% reduction by using a code on the merchant’s site), these patches do not show their effectiveness.

It’s only normal for smartphones to emit waves, because they’re wireless links

First, an observation: it should be remembered that because smartphones are not physically connected by a wire to a relay antenna or an Internet box, they are obliged to communicate differently. This is where the radio waves begin: it’s normal for smartphones to send and receive them, because they’re wireless telecommunications. An anti-radiation patch that can also block 100% of the waves will also present some minor communication problems.

These waves constitute the so -called electromagnetic spectrum. It is an invisible and intangible field that surrounds and enters us. It can be found everywhere. Light is part of it. X-rays too, as well as ultraviolet, infrared and, of course, radio waves. Thanks to this spectrum we have wireless links (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G, etc.). These waves have different specificities (frequency, energy, wavelength).

This established prolegomena, do these patches have any health benefits? The response ranges from a strong and overwhelming “no” and “the health benefits have yet to be demonstrated”, in the very best case, to “it could even prove to be harmful” at worst. Anti-radiation devices in general and Fazup patches in particular have been the subject of numerous verification and demystification publications. In short, it’s useless, and it rides on fear and lack of technological knowledge.

Smartphones are not connected to relay antennas via a wire, and this is normal: data circulates in certain waves.  // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama
Smartphones are not connected to relay antennas via a wire, and this is normal: data circulates in certain waves. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

In a FAQ dedicated to public exposure to waves, the National Frequency Agency (whose mission is to ensure that exposure levels comply with regulations) explained that “ Anti-radiation devices intended to be placed on or near the mobile phone antenna did not show significant protection efficiency for all mobile phones and frequency bands tested. »

It should be noted that this agency has the capacity to identify any excess or deviation from the levels set by the regulations. If this happens, the manufacturer may need to adjust the transmission power by updating (this happens every now and then). It may also be necessary to withdraw from the market of some products, including a smartphone. The Razer Phone 2 was recalled because it released so many waves.

The National Frequency Agency also refers to the work done in 2013 by the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Anses) on the subject. Thirteen tools were tested and the conclusions are very clear: ” Anti-radiation devices intended to be placed on or near the mobile phone antenna did not demonstrate significant protection efficiency across all mobile phones and the frequency bands tested. Therefore no conclusion can be drawn on their effectiveness in reducing the level of DAS. »

Based on these conclusions the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) conducted a survey in 2015 on the conditions for the sale of “anti-radiation” devices for mobile phones. Selling this equipment always has a lot of claims that need to be proven. Most of them have no basis.

Smartphones are subject to specific regulatory standards to preserve health

SAR, acronym for “specific absorption rate”, is a numerical indicator used to calculate the intensity of the waves emitted by radioelectric equipment that can be absorbed by the human body. The lower this indicator, the better. This sign is public: it appears on the page of every smartphone, along with its other technical characteristics. This allows the public to display the SAR intensity for each model.

Many SAR thresholds exist in France and the rule, of course, does not exceed them. Measurement than watts per kilogram (W/kg). This is 2 W/kg for the head and for the trunk, i.e. the torso. This is 4 W/kg for the limbs. These measurements are made at a distance of only a few millimeters, in order to transcribe as faithfully as possible a person’s exposure to the calling process, whether it is in the pocket or in the hand.

5G health
The advent of 5G, the latest generation of mobile telephony, has also raised questions about health. Its deterioration in terms of health has not been shown. // Source: Melvyn Dadure for Numerama

One question then remains: how are these value limits of 2 and 4 W / kg chosen? In fact, they come from the work of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, an international non-governmental organization composed of independent scientific experts. These values ​​were established in 1998, but can be changed as needed. It has already happened, no doubt in the previous plot.

By simplifying the width strokes, the thresholds are designed in two phases. There is an initial stage of the experiment, to determine a thermal effect (a heating of the tissues, obviously) due to the waves observed. Based on this observation, a regulatory limit is set. This limit is fifty times lower than what is measured in the laboratory. This is an important margin of safety that serves to cover possible scientific uncertainty.

So it is at this regulatory limit, fifty times lower than what can be found in the laboratory, that the specific rate of absorption is designed. It is at this level that the National Frequency Agency intervenes to adjust the signal strength of the manufacturers. The agency also has other missions, often involved in the airwaves. For example, he was very busy with the 5G and Linky meter, but he didn’t notice anything of concern, despite concerns that might have grown on social networks.

Clearly, population exposure to waves is usually small in France. From time to time there may be atypical cases, discrepancies and threshold overruns, but these are subject to review and correction. In the case of laptops, this translates into a software update and, in the most serious cases, a product withdrawal and, sometimes, a monetary penalty against the manufacturer.

Anti-wave patches whose effectiveness has not been proven and can be counterproductive

In any case, Enjoyphoenix is ​​not the only public person or influence to be convinced of these anti-radiation patches. As journalist Raphaël Grably put it, Fazup relied on Louise Chabat, influencer “young mothers” and daughter of actor Alain Chabat, to convey its communication. A BFM TV survey also showed Fazup’s strategy of intimidating young mothers into selling anti-radiation patches.

As the article says from 2020, Fazup does not provide any evidence on the health effects of its products. Asked about this topic, the two founders of Fazup admitted at the time that he did not provide any evidence of the health benefits of this sticker. They claim to have played half a word on the words: “ We write for example that our product eliminates the feeling of a headache, not that it eliminates a headache. »

Also in 2020, Stéphane Marty, a microelectronics engineer and videographer from the Deus Ex Silicium channel, who was precisely interested in the operation of the devices, by dissecting all means, published a video in which he reviewed and tested a Fazup patch for the smartphone. And the conclusions of these measurements are far from flattering.

In fact, and this is the whole paradox of these devices presented as anti-waves: these patches even as unproductive, are even more harmful to health. As some of these products prevent scattered wave propagation, in the course of normal operation, smartphones, which have noticed a difficulty in hooking up a signal using a relay antenna, have found themselves releasing many waves to overcome the obstacle.

This is what ANSES focused on in its 2013 opinion. Protections that alter the radio performance of mobile phones, for example by lowering the receiving capacities, risk, under real conditions of use, to increase the level of user exposure. “. In other words, this type of patch does not allow the waves to come out naturally: on the contrary, it creates focal points, the key of which is an increased intensity, which is more damaging. Madness.

Source: Numeroma

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