this is why some couples recover from cheating and others do not

The subject of betrayal is FREQUENTLY in monogamous couples. the fraud relationships are no longer new and have long been known. In our society, disobedience probably for no reason. With reality TV and other movies making this action public, it has always been thought of as a test that every couple has to overcome one day. However, if others are able to ignore it and rebuild a healthy relationships after a deception, for others this action immediately spells the end of the relationship.

Forgiveness or not forgiveness? That is the question

For many experts, forgiving deception does not mean overcoming it immediately, on the contrary. There are many factors to consider when choosing stay or not in a relationship after this act of intimate betrayal. Manhattan-based clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona, ​​Psy.D., told our SELF colleagues that because of the sensitive nature of the subject, it is difficult to know how many couples will remain single. -with after the betrayal. ” Despite vague statistics, it seems a reasonable assumption that more couples remain together after infidelity than they do not.“, he said. For example, a couple with specific commitments to each other, such as a marriagefrom childrena bought a house The couple may be more likely to forgive the betrayal, unlike the couple starting a relationship or who do not yet have the same property.

And if forgiveness is one thing, rebuilding a relationship is another. Recover from betrayal, trust your partner again and rebuilding strong foundations longer than you think. ” It’s a long road to recovery if a partner is cheating”, says PERSONAL marriage and family therapist David Klow, owner of the Skylight Counseling Center in Chicago. “Couples can be together after a relationship, but it takes a lot of work to repair the broken trust. Klow said most couples do not return if there is a betrayal, but ” those who do become stronger by going through the process of recovery from fraud“. For the therapist, it is necessary at least 1 to 2 yearsto a couple to fully recover from this case.

How to overcome betrayal

To forgive and overcome a betrayal, long work onyears the relationship has to be made. The couple has to go through several stages regain confidence and resilience in their union.

Una, the link should be completely stopped. This means, that the person who commits adultery owes no jnever to meet again or be contacted with the man who conspired in his betrayal. It seems reasonable, but sometimes this person can get closer to us and our partner who cheated can be brought in to see him again. Then there must be onee complete honesty. To accept and overcome this difficulty, it is sometimes necessary to be deceived knows the nature of the connection in the smallest detail. It is therefore appropriate for the dishonest person to be completely clear about these matters and to meet all the needs of his partner. If you know all about cheating, that’s important discussing various issues or illness of the couple. Even if there is no reason to betray, it is important to start again on a good basis, expressed by all. his feelings about the relationship and what he doesn’t like or doesn’t like.

When everything is set, the process is over renewed confidence can be set up. The dishonest person should not be reprimanded, as they are in a time of testing to regain the trust of their partner. For this, we can use the method ofpassword change to prove to his soul mate that we should not be ashamed of ourselves and that our character is the most exemplary. And finally, to revive a satisfying relationship, it is necessary start from the left. Build new memories create new projectsrediscovering each other or spending more time for each other is one of the most important steps to make the relationship even stronger since this adversity.

Often, to overcome a case of fraud, it is recommended to consult the couple therapist. It allows people to know what they want and expect from the future and thus make the right decision. Whether you want to stay in the relationship or not, therapy is a great way Keep and rebuilding. If a couple with children decides to separate, going to therapy can be a great way to learn how to communicate without hating each other, as well as to quickly reach the page.


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