[Report] Hip-hop, Turn-up And Love At 2022 Chorus Festival

Cap on a new day at the 33rd edition of the Chorus festival. If the discoveries weren’t too much about us, it was a day marked by a scene that predominated in rap and RnB with a lot of impatient artists that we were looking forward to!

In terms of discoveries, Sabrina Bellaouel and her pop RnB mix made us very happy. Especially his presence on stage, his charisma and his beautiful voice we remember. One who has collaborated with Jazzy Bazz knows how to attract the Chorus room, despite not compromising the public reputation of Paris.

Still on the discoveries, we had a chance to meet The Doug, rapper from Clermont-Ferrand, whom we mentioned in an interview that you can find here. Through his songs, The Doug talks about his complex relationships with his mother, his hometown, and even attempting a remix of Brassens ’“ Labad Reputation ”that touched the public carried away by his delirium. We listened very carefully and we wanted to release his EP in May.

Just before reaching the forecourt, Afro-Caribbean voices have already reached our ears. Along with his two musicians, David Walters warmed the hearts of the Chorus by bringing the sun from his album, Sun Kreyol. Thanks to extremely effective songs and infectious good humor, David Walters was able to take us on his dance to the point of running out of time, especially when it was announced later that there were two minutes left in the show. In short, it was singing, it was shaking, it was laughing, it was alive.

© Ludivine Pelissier, Instagram: @ludpellissier_musicphoto

Change the atmosphere with the concert of Romane who, in the depths of the small stage, gives us the joy of inviting us into his universe. In a calm, sad atmosphere, you can easily feel comfortable with the singer and his sad voice that is captivating and warm, a voice that takes you and brings you to the heart of the lands that made his musical culture. There’s a little Nina Simone in her voice, an indifferent part à la Amy Winehouse, a little Kimberose too. We can’t recommend his music enough, Romane has something more and it won’t be long before the rest of the world will notice.

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7:15 pm: the room is engulfed in darkness. The musicians took their places, the first notes of the “Poids heavy” sound, and through a spotlight, Disiz was revealed on the main stage. Despite a somewhat shy audience at the start of the show, and sure of the fact of playing a new album where the public doesn’t have to be receptive to the rapper’s artistic methods, Disiz was still able to put the man in his pocket thanks to a noble. , colorful scenery, but most of all thanks to his acclaimed latest album, L’amour, and other super effective hits like “Splash”. Between her texts on the beauty of life, the simplest things and her very special products, Disiz is definitely a closer actress, so discovering her on stage remains something of a surprise. And with the same unity dynamics that Disiz ended her performance with her single “Rencontre” (no Damso, too bad) where we sang and danced with enthusiasm for the last time before parting.

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On the occasion of the presentation of his joint project with Tony Allen, Tomorrow Comes The Harvest, Jeff Mills honored us with his presence. Along with keyboardist Jean-Phi Dary, but also artists Divinity Roxx and Rasheeda Ali, Jeff Mills takes us on a journey between Detroit and Lagos with hybrid music between electro, jazz and afrobeat.

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It is a lie to say that we did not expect to see the noble Joanna at the festival. So we went deep into the small stage to see the artist accompanied by his two musicians to play his latest album. Serotoninplus a few tracks from his first project Venus, and it is for our greatest pleasure we claim it. If Joanna was able to get us to sing her main titles like “Sur ton corps”, “Maladie d’amour” or “Red alert”, let us blush with “Séduction” and “Bitch”, she also managed to tear our eyes with “Maman” with her touching voice, her power of interpretation and her touching authenticity. In short, give love to Joanna aka the future of French pop.

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It was one of the great evening concerts we had been looking forward to. A concert that we wouldn’t just expect because of the large crowd that was in the great hall. For an hour, Caballero and Jeanjass amazed us and quickly played on stage. Comprised of new and old hits such as the famous “Dégueulasse”, the audience happily rapped all the pieces played and received the humor of the Belgian duo. It gave us a perfectly blazing concert and turned out to be one of the most amazing concerts of the festival. Thus we were amazed to sing the refrains of all the songs, even those we didn’t know before. Proof that the Belgians did something different.

Among the many artists who attended the festival, IAM, the legendary rap group from Marseille, honored us with their presence. The opportunity for the group to liven up their classic album, the micro money schoola way to re-establish themselves as one of the pillars of French rap whose lyrics still resonate today in the hearts of their listeners.

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Article by Jacques-Emmanuel Mercier and Nawel Meliani

Photo credit: @ludpellissier_musicphoto (https://ludivinepellissier.exposure.co/)

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