“I never broke Essonne’s link”: back in her land, rapper Disiz talks about love

Rapper Disiz, real name Sérigne M’Baye Gueye, is touring all over France for the release of her new album love (2022). In 2000, he became known on the album Goldfish where he talks about the famous districts of Évry-Courcouronnes (Essonne), the city where he grew up. Now at 44, with more than twenty years of career, the rapper is looking back at his links with Essonne and his sources of inspiration, during a concert he will give this Friday night at the Plan Ris-Orangis, for the first edition of the Trace (s) festival.

Twenty years after you started your career, what else is your relationship with Essonne?

I never broke Essonne’s link. I still live there, and I keep a lot of relationships there: my best friend, all my family and my kids. I used to go and play there, it was my house, it was my wall, as the expression said. I’m still pregnant in the place where I grew up, even if I’ve freed myself from a few things. Of course, Évry still inspires me more or less directly.

How do you free yourself?

I approach themes like love in a different way because in twenty years I have had the opportunity to experience so much. This allows me to confront myself with other thought systems, with other references than I have here in Essonne. As a kid, I was that person in the neighborhood who didn’t hesitate to integrate everything that was on my mind to improve my texts. I never hide that there are other influences than rap. I also listen to rock or funk for example. I also talk about loving those still forbidden in the famous neighborhoods where I live.

Love is the title of your first album. Why this choice?

Love is not a new theme for me. I’ve mentioned this before. I have five children now, I have my own stories and known separations, all of which mark me. 3 or 4 years ago, when I realized that everything that came out of me had to do with the theme of love, I told myself it was time to make an album completely dedicated to that. All things considered, it’s like the process of someone writing a thesis. He digs into a subject as much as he can until he finally comes up with a form that suits him, because he goes as far as he can.

Are you interested in the current rap scene, especially in Essonne? NLP, Ninho

I find it interesting now to see that groups like PNL are completely isolated from the industry and continue to control what they do. I think it was a remarkable improvement compared to what I experienced at the time, where we took advantage of young talent who knew nothing about the business. At least the next generation has learned from our traps. That people from the same social background as me succeed, that makes me happy.

Why does rap remain so popular with young people, in your opinion?

Who says rap also says popular neighborhood, it goes together, because rap is originally the music of the poor. I think that if it works too hard on young people, it’s because it’s a way to escape from someone’s situation. However, I find it unfortunate that in the working class neighborhoods the only prospect for social advancement is always offered only through sport or rap.

In Poisson rouge (2000) you devise the theme of brawls. Twenty years later, your title is still relevant …

Sociologists are better at talking about it than I am, so I have no relevant analysis to offer on the current state of the neighborhoods. I don’t want to be a father and take on the role of a lesson giver. However, I think the best message I can send to young people is that I also experience what they go through: violence, poverty. But that’s what I broke. And that if after living through all the difficult situations I experienced at the time, I can still discuss light themes like love today, then everyone can get rid of it.

Tracking (s), first!

Disiz, but also the rising R&B star from Grigny Ronisia, and more. Cast of choice for the first edition of Trace (s), the new urban festival that starts this Thursday night at Plan, the current music scene in Ris-Orangis (Essonne). “We will project a snapshot of the current rap in three days, mixing big industry figures and the new talents that have emerged in the bubbling scene in Essonne”, explained Fabien Lherisson, the programmer. A total of 8 groups will take the stage. But Trace (s) isn’t just a musical activity. “This is the first festival in Essonne that showcases all the urban arts and hip-hop culture,” says Fabien Lherisson: dance, song, graffiti …

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 8 pm at Le Plan, 1, avenue Louis-Aragon in Ris-Orangis. Price: 30 euros for 3 days, 12 euros per day for children under 18 and 22 euros for adults. All information about Traces.grandparissud.fr

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