GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

Game news GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

Some characters from the GTA RPZ event, which was organized a year ago, are back for a night on the 21 Jump Click server.

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there one year, ZeratoR launched the event two weeks GTA RPZ. This is a GTA RP server brings together many streamers, experienced players and administrators in GTA RP. Tonight, an event will be held restore some of these characterson 21 Jump Click server

RPZ characters are saved … some of them

GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

After GTA RPZ, many server characters continue to reside on the 21 Jump Click server, led by Alexclick. The character later, miguel rodriguez aka Charles Collins, woke up from a six-year coma in a remodeled Los Santos. In fact, it’s different for two main reasons: not RP, because 21 Jump Click is a much more “serious” server than RPZ, where the action happens much slower. Another reason, in RP, is because after six years of absence, all the friends Miguel knew seemed to have disappeared. After some time, and after forming another gang called Mano, he joined his wife, Kim Dwight-Collins, played by streamer Drakonywhich also landed on the server.

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GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

Since, other GTA RPZ characters joined 21 Jump Click for more or less regular sessions. We saw the Yob streamer maintain his character Jim and integrate Mano, or the streamer jeel athlete Bernadette Delacroix, the daughter of her RPZ character Henriette Delacroix. In shorter sessions, we saw efile and his character Bernard Pichon join the 21 Jump Click server multiple times. Recently, BagheraJones and HortyUnderscore theirs came to life again characters Antoine and Daniel Croute the time of one night on the server.

GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

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Back in Los Santos for Kim and Miguel’s remarriage

GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

But it was different tonight. Miguel and Kim celebrate their “remarriage” at 21 Jump Click, and they decided to invite many of their well -known friends before Miguel’s coma years ago. Therefore time of nighttoo many characters in GTA RPZ meet on a “serious-RP” server, 21 Jump Click, to celebrate the couple’s love together. It can also be an opportunity to testing improvisation skills regular 21 Jump Click players, who risk seeing unique characters associated with them, and having to respond accordingly. Something to announce in the colorful encounters!

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Many characters are back, but not all!

the incomplete list characters from GTA RPZ to meet for remarriage Kim and Miguel in 21 Jump Clickjust for tonight:

  • Donatien de Montazac, aka Antoine Daniel
  • Fabien Thorez, aka Ponce
  • Bill Boid aka MoMaN
  • Francis Kuck, alias Berlu
  • Inigo Montoya, aka Tonton
  • Rose Dwight aka Kao
  • Gontran Santé, aka Mynthos
  • Lorenza Blake aka Ultia
  • Antoine Croute, aka Baghera Jones
  • Daniel Croute, aka HortyUnderscore
  • Kiddy West, aka KiddyFR
GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

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We won’t name all the characters that will return, first because they are likely to be many, but most of all because they don’t all announce their presence or not. Let’s note all the same some streamers announcing their non -attendance, for reasons of RP consistency. the Attic Player and his character Doctor Cox, crazy antagonist from GTA RPZ warns that he won’t be attending tonight, because his character is a “real” villain, it may not be the same for him to be at Miguel’s wedding and Kim. On the other hand, AVAMind announced that her character Lucy Hellman, officially dead of her lore in GTA RPZ, is also not there.

GTA RPZ: Find your favorite characters for a night!

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Find the night of 21 Jump Click live on Twitch from 7 pm, on the streamer channels available. In particular, Alexclick and Drakony, playing Miguel and Kim.

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