Top 15 Most Popular Black Dog Breeds

Do you have a weakness for black dogs and want to adopt one? Why not choose from our top 15 famous black dogs? Focus.

The Cane Corso

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A Cane Corso sitting in the park. Photo credit: Tatyana Kuznetsova

The Cane Corso is a different kind of dog that comes from Italy. Despite its molossian appearance, the Italian Corso Dog is an attractive life companion for families with or without children. He is loyal, honest, considerate and gentle. This black Italian dog is unique, among other things, because of its wisdom and enthusiasm. So you can use it as a watchdog. It can also serve dog hunting or flock.

It should be noted that in addition to black, Cane Corso can have a variety of hair colors, including light fawn, slate or lead gray. With its large construction, this dog breed is definitely not suitable for living in an apartment. He would be more satisfied with a big house with a garden fence.

The Russian Black Terrier

A Black Russian Terrier wearing a collar with fallen leaves. Photo credit: DragoNika

The Black Russian Terrier is a direct descendant of the Giant Schnauzer. This large black dog also benefited from the contributions of Newfoundland, the Airedale and the Rotweiler. The definitive recognition of this distinction in the FCI was formalized on September 29, 1983.

True, the Black Russian Terrier shows a fairly cool temperament at first glance, but this dog is kind, calm and loving. Although he was no longer a terrier, this large dog remained with him hunter instinctr. In addition, the average life expectancy of a Black Russian Terrier is about 11 years.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois Black

A Black Malinois Belgian Shepherd walking on grass. Photo credit: msgrafixx

Belgian Shepherd Malinois Black for medium-sized dog. He is known thanks to his slender gait and his black mask reminiscent of a wolf. Intelligent and alive, the black Malinois is the ideal guard and working dog. In addition, these different dogs are used by law enforcement agencies.

Sweet and loving, Black Malinois is one with the dog ideal. He will always respond to protect his master and his family. Are you a great sportsman? This black shepherd-type dog will make you happy, because he is always ready for physical exercises.

Note that black Malinois are not recognized by the Fédération Cynologique International or FCI. However, he was fully accepted by the Belgian Organization of Working Dogs.

The Black Poodle

An attractive Black Poodle photographed against a white background. photo credit: tsik

The black poodle used to be a fearsome hunting dog. Today, this lop-eared dog has become a symbol of French goodness. It is available in 4 different sizes: tall, medium, dwarf and toy. However, the behavior of the Black Poodle does not change depending on its size. This curly black dog is a great companion for kids. He also showed unwavering loyalty to his master.

The Black Poodle is quick to adapt to all situations. In fact, this dog can live in the countryside rather than in the city. However, you need to allow him to walk regularly to exercise. Despite its image as a lap dog, the black poodle is an athletic dog that can make achievements in many iro sports such as Fly-ball or Agility.

The Black Flat-Coated Retriever

A Black Flat Coated Retriever sitting on the grass. Photo credit: Nikhil N Kulkarni

The black Flat-Coated Retriever is an elegant and strong medium-sized hunting dog. She is recognizable by her short, flat coat with a shiny look. This breed of dog is native to Great Britain. This black dog was supposed to have been brought to Canada in the early 19th century.

The Black Flat-Coated Retriever has been used primarily as a hunting dog due to its expressed hunting instincts. This animal is also especially comfortable in the water. So this black dog is used as sea ​​rescue dog in different European countries.

The Black Scottish Terrier

A Black Scottish Terrier walking on a grass path. Photo credit: Katerina Klio

This long haired black dog is also known as the Scottish Terrier. Actually, the Scottish Terrier Black is short on legs, but it has a strong character. In the past, this little dog from Scotland was used to hunt pests. Currently, it is used as a companion dog or guard dog.

The Black Scottish Terrier is an active dog that needs physical exercise to exercise regularly. It will make it easier to live in the apartment if you always take it out. Note that the Scottish Terrier can live to over 15 years.

The Black Norwegian Elk Dog

A threatening Black Norwegian Elk Dog. Photo credit: Lena S92

The Black Norwegian Elk Dog is native to Norway. It is a very old different dog made to hunt big game, especially the elk. This black Nordic dog has characteristics ancient to Spitz dogs. To learn to drive well, he needs to be kept strong, but not use the balance of power.

To thrive, the Black Norwegian Elk dog needs a large habitat. A house with a large yard fence will do. Do you want to adopt one Black Norwegian Elkhound? Must have minimal dog training experience. As a result, you can respect yourself and be aware of this dog’s specific needs.

The Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a blue background. Photo credit: Ivanova N

Contrary to popular belief, the Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not just black. In fact, brindle his coat. It is a ground -colored fawn, with small black streaks. Just a little bit apart and very marked, these shakes as well as these shakers blend perfectly with each other. They give to staffie the impression of having a full black coat. Note that the pattern is outlined in CFI The Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier is exclusively black in color. This will not prevent you from breeding it under the conditions given by the breed. This lack of recognition also won’t stop you from having a soft and loving feather ball at home.

As a reminder, the Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier is from the United Kingdom. This ancient dog breed is recognized for its power and enthusiasm. He is also intelligent and loving.

The Black German Shepherd

A Black German Shepherd sitting in a pasture. Photo credit: lisovyleo

Granted, the Black German Shepherd is no different in its own right, but it’s very unique. In addition to courage, this black shepherd dog is intelligent and powerful. Moreover, he was fearless, obedient and boundless in his master’s love. These many qualities allow this type of shepherd to take on certain roles, namely:

  • Watch dog;
  • defense dog ;
  • rescue dogs;
  • Fellow dog.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

A Belgian Shepherd Groenendael on white background. Photo credit: cynoclub

A close cousin of Malinois, Groenendael is a long-haired, black breed of Belgian Shepherd. This pointy-eared dog sports a elongated muzzle. Its harmonious body ends in a bush tail. Despite his dangerous black dog appearance, Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is gentle and loving. In fact, many people use it as a companion dog.

As is the case with other Belgian Shepherds, Groenendael was originally bred to act as a shepherd dog. However, this bushy black dog shows many abilities, as it is also used primarily for:

  • Detection of drugs and other prohibited products;
  • hunting game ;
  • Storing assets;
  • Find the missing people.

The Black Commander

Two adorable Commodore puppies on the Hungarian farm. Photo credit: Artur Nagalski

The Komondor is a breed of dog that is still rare in France. Belonging to the family of sheepdogs, this animal makes an excellent herd protector in much the same way as the Patou or the Pyrenean mountain dog. Outside the herd, he maintains his protective character by closely monitoring his master’s house or property.

It should be noted that Komondor is part of a very closed circle of dogs that accept only one coat color. In fact, any Komondor worth its salt should have the same white coat. However, now you can find breeders offering Komondors proudly wearing a black coat.

The Black Weimaraner

A Black Weimaraner resting in the studio on a black background. Photo credit: Jakab Flora

The Weimaraner is an elegant dog that is distinguished especially by its beautiful silver coat. Today, it is possible to find black Weimaraners. Agile and very intelligent, this variety makes for a versatile working dog. True to his hunting instincts, this black dog with blue eyes is a sociable dog who loves to interact with children and other animals.

The black Weimaraner is an athletic dog. In addition, he is an ace of Cani-cross and Cani-MTB. He is also good at Agility.

The Black Westie

Two Westies took a photo. Photo credit: TrapezaStudio

Of Scottish origin, the Westie is a small dog with sharp ears. This variety of dogs belongs to the Terrier family. The West Highland White Terrier owes its white color to Colonel ED Malcolm of Poltaloch. The latter selected only white puppies from the litter of Cairn Terriers. Now it is possible to find a black West Highland White Terrier. Despite their different color, this new variety retains all the characteristics of westie character. Actually, the Black Westie is a lively and lively little dog. He was very strong and close to his master.

The Black American Wolfdog

A beautiful American Wolfdog. Photo credit: AB Photography

By definition, a wolfdog is a species of dog that has wolf genes in its genetic code by breeding. Any different result of crossing a wolf and a dog can be considered a wolfdog. This is the case with the black American Wolf Dog. Hard to socialize, the black American wolfdog is especially brave and intelligent. Nevertheless, he was shown to be loving and gentle towards his master. Please note that this dog is not recommended for families with children because of this rude behavior.

Here are some of the most famous blood lines of the Black American Wolfhound:

  • The North American Indian Dog;
  • The Shepherd of Blue Bay;
  • the spencer.

The black Pomeranian

A Black Miniature Spitz running in the park. Photo credit: Ksenia Raykova

The Black Pomeranian is commonly known as the Black Dwarf Spitz. This little black dog is of German breed. She was attracted to his loving and cheerful nature. That way, this little hair ball will make your family happy. The black Pomeranian is very suspicious of strangers, but not afraid. This little dog has all the qualities of an excellent alarm dog to restrain one ENTER or combination.

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