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On Netflix, there are many Christmas movies that you can watch alone or with your family to add to your end of the year. However, some movies are different from others because of their quality. This is the case with Love Actually, a British film available on Netflix that shows you the countless aspects of Christmas love. What’s New TV brings you a discovery of this holiday masterpiece.

Love is truly the last Christmas movie on Netflix

Love Actually: synopsis of this romantic comedy

Released in 2003, Love Actually a British romantic comedy in approximately 135 minutes highlighting the power of love added to the magic of Christmas. In fact, love is everywhere, it is unpredictable, and above all very hard to explain. Despite its beauty, it can sometimes do a lot of damage. Not the characters in this film will say otherwise. In fact, taking place five weeks before the Christmas holidays, Love Actually follows ten impossible and different stories with over 20 interconnected characters. This comedy is now on Netflix and is one of the best holiday movies. (see best christmas movies on netflix)

The parts of the film the relationship between a former rock star and his manager, a writer who meets his Portuguese housekeeper after being deceived by his colleague, the Prime Minister and his famous particular young collaborator. For his part, Mark (Andrew Lincoln), who witnesses the wedding of Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Juliet (Keira Knightley), seems to have feelings for the new bride. On the occasion of Christmas, he finally decides to confess his love to Juliet in an original and romantic way. What about Peter, his best friend?

A few kilometers away, Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), a young orphan nearly 15 years old, falls in love with a girl from his school. She had a hard time confessing how she felt to him. Thanks to his stepfather’s advice, he finally succeeded. This is a great movie for the holidays that you can find in Netflix France catalog also tells us the story of a young employee who was caught between two fires, especially his feelings for his partner, and his autistic brother. Similarly, Love Actually tells us many stories of love and friendship.

The True Love trailer:

Love Actually, a popular Christmas movie

With its release in September 2003, the film Love Actually received a favorable reception from the public. At a cost of $ 40 million, it earned about $ 247 million, making it a real commercial success. Nearly a decade later, the feature film directed by Richard Curtis continues to receive positive reviews from film experts and audiences. The main interest of this cult Christmas film available on Netflix lies in its originality. In fact, unlike most romantic movies,

Love Really not based solely on one or two characters. He shows us that love can come in many forms, whether it involves youths, children, and adults.

With the presence of many British actors in the cast, this Christmas film will immerse you in a unique atmosphere. What about spending a nice night by the fire in front of Netflix. You can easily get overwhelmed with giggles thanks to the subtle humor of Martin Freeman and Adam Godley. The comic book moves of Rowan Atkinson, better known for the role of Mr Bean, will definitely not leave you indifferent. You will also see in this beautiful Christmas movie famous actors like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, or Laura Linney. Amidst the trembles, smiles, hope, and joy, Love Truly lets you through all the emotions. our what’s new on Netflixyou will find many Christmas movies which can immerse you in the same atmosphere.

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