Review: Love Netflix, real love

Despite its somewhat marshmallow title, Love is one of the newest “Netflix Originals”. And more than a priori, this 21st century love series has some nice surprises in store.

love, four letters O have the shape of an arrow heart. I remember very well this moment when Netflix announced to me the arrival of its new series originally, played by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust, who took on the role of Gus, one of the lead actors.Ouch, another cutesy that came out a few days after Valentine’s Day I thought to myself. It should be noted that the synopsis is also not the most sold: everyone is trying to overcome the painful separation, blah blah blah … “.

And then, on a cold and rainy Sunday in February, the day after a difficult party, where the comfort equation happens to be a sofa associated with Netflix, I started: I started lovesomewhat confused.


Destabilizing is the term that came to mind after watching the first three minutes of the pilot episode. The dreaded silly, flowing, cutesy part that I think I discovered gives way to an ultra bestial, shocking, even embarrassing sex scene. The tone is set, love not a series that is in lace.

The series takes place in a town that is both glitz, stars and charm: Hollywood. However, these aspects of the town have not been addressed since love not here for rhinestones. No, Love is the story of Gus and Mickey, the two protagonists thrown in one night. Fate – in the series – makes them meet around the corner of a supermarket while Mickey, a young woman addicted to alcohol and drugs, fights the shopkeeper for a story of coffee and purse that is forgotten afterwards. on an overnight wander. We won’t talk about the rest of the story anymore.

The two protagonists of the story.

Ultra connectivity

Without going to the heart of the matter and revealing the details of that hurt the series for those who have not yet discovered it, the power of love is in its realism. This is in contrast to all those crossbred with romanticism.

A reality composed of problems of love, addiction – whatever it is – friendship, unique and unbridled humor. But the realistic part of the series is shaped above all with the highly connected lifestyle of these thirty -year -olds who systematically travel on Uber – while other directors still use taxis to move their characters – exchanging text messages all the time. iPhone and Samsung – to show how many series are talking about diversity – and follow each other thanks to Instagram posts.

In a way, we introduce these characters, we feel they are close, even to the point of monopolizing some of their problems. This realistic aspect is not a natural thing to approach a director in 2016, especially if you watch the first two episodes of Full House (The house party, 20 years ago) and mentioned in the charactersangry birdwith pre-recorded laughter as a novelty.


After the disappearance.


love it’s also and above all humor: flaws and quirky, even acid humor.

The directors free themselves from all the clichés specific to cinema, just like in real life. Paul Rust plays Gus, prominent nose, big glasses, nothing cut hair style and dress of a fifteen-year-old teenager. However, in the ten episodes that comprise the first season, Gus combines dates and “sexual experiences”. We’re so far from the image of the geek that you can never win a girl. Also, Mickey, played by Gillian Jacobs, will not remain insensitive to Gus. Mickey is the kind of cool, hip, bold, hipster dress-up chick who smokes in a joint before eating junk food. ” to make it more appreciated “.

Even if the comedians are sometimes students, the humor remains good because it is pushed too hard and the audience is not offended to hear a ten-year-old girl making a career in cinema, with no interest in listening. in mathematics. lessons taught by Gus, because he has an accountant he trusts “ because he was an orthodox Jew “.

Even if the comedians are sometimes students in school, the humor stays good as it is pushed to the extreme.

That famous cold and rainy Sunday in February, when I started love while confused, I didn’t expect to swallow the series in one seat and it was Monday … early in the evening.

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