Ingrid Chauvin finds a new love after many difficult separations and the death of her daughter – Her son pushes them together

Ingrid Chauvin, actress and producer, shows us that it is not impossible to find happiness again, even after dramas, disappointments and losses. Elements of the incredible story of this warrior are revealed to you in this article.

Ingrid Chauvin is a warrior for life. Loving mother of her son Tom, she knows how to advance her career which has experienced progress thanks to the main series and TV movies on TF1. However, a tragedy occurred and changed the course of his life.


August 25, 2003 – a date that marks a decisive turn in the professional and private life of the hero of the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

In the South of France, Ingrid Chauvin found her holidays disrupted by a casting. Then he made his way to Paris. This trip unfortunately turned into a dream because the actress was about to die: she had a serious car accident.

Weight is the balance. Broken ribs, damaged spine, confusion and internal bleeding, the actress ’life prognoses are not good. Her parents were even told that she had little chance of spending the night.

Miraculously, he survived and his rehabilitation went smoothly so he was able to walk again after two weeks. He would later explain that he had a near -fatal experience at the time of the accident.

“I was in a coma, bleeding inside and at that moment I saw a white light”,

once he confessed in an interview.

“And there appeared my father who died a month ago. He told me my time had not yet come. ”

This accident left him with injuries, especially on his back. This especially prevented her from participating in the “Dancing with the Stars” program, despite her desire to be part of the competition.

Her acting career, meanwhile, hasn’t lost its feathers. She left and Ingrid Chauvin landed the role of Marie Kermeur in the soap opera “Dolmen”.

True, this accident allowed Ingrid Chauvin to work on her acting and restore a positive career level, things were not going well in her private life.

In 2001, Ingrid Chauvin and Laurent Hennequin lived a beautiful love story. It’s on the set of the Mediterranean mini-series that they meet and fall in love with each other. It all unfortunately ended in 2004, a few months after his car accident.

In April 2015 he confessed to Thierry Ardisson on the set of the show “Salut Les Terriens”, who admitted that this event had an impact on their couple and contributed to their separation.

This same year, Ingrid falls under the spell of Jean-Michel Tinivelli and lives in a relationship whose lines are worthy of a novel. The guy she exchanged messages with who didn’t get a chance to meet surprised her with a preview of the series in which she stars, “Dolmen”.

“That day, so I saw him sitting next to me handing out a box of chocolates with whiskey cream, my cute sins”,

said the actress.

They shared their lives for 2 years but, since they were both straddling at work, they also separated.


Thierry Peythieu and Ingrid Chauvin, it’s a long love story that begins with love at first sight during an evening organized by TF1. After months of relationship, the couple decided to take the next step, marriage.

On August 27, 2011, as autumn began to slowly begin, the couple got married at the town hall in Canon township. Nearly two hundred people were invited to the ceremony organized by the mayor of Cap Ferret. The couple arrived aboard a small boat while a saxophonist performed the song “When the Saints go” marching by Jerry Lee Lewis.

The lovebirds exchanged their vows and signed their marriage certificate with Schubert’s famous song, “Ave Maria”, on the back. A rain of white rose petals fell on the newlyweds as they left town hall and it was with a heart filled with joy that they arrived at Claouey’s villa at the wheel of a New Beetle.

From this union were born two children, Tom the eldest and Jade the youngest. Being a mother is an aspect of life that Ingrid Chauvin enjoys.

As long as she just accepts shoots where she can take her child, the actress is happier since becoming a mother. However, anxiety quickly replaced euphoria because her childhood had a malformation.

On March 25, 2014, little Jade lost her last breath at Necker Hospital during an unbearable operation on her nearly 5-month-old heart.

The couple, overcome with terrible grief, broke the news to the networks through the Adéquat agency, which represents the actress. After this hardship, the couple supported each other. During an interview with Télé Star magazine, the actress said:

“I want to be strong for my husband, for me, and for him”.


Despite a lot of love, but also shared grief, the actress announced her divorce from Thierry Peythieu, after a decade of living and nine years of marriage. In his message he shared the sadness:

“Sometimes our lives have to be completely reversed, changed, reorganized …. With my son’s father, our paths are different.”

In fact, Ingrid Chauvin admits she was the source of this breakup, which was even more important to her. A few months later the actress said, saying:

“I can say it, I very rarely feel good while single! And I want to stay that way for now.”


After these events, Ingrid Chauvin once again dedicated herself to love, and apparently, to a love that was no stranger to her. In fact, a few hours after her divorce, the Dolmen star found herself in the arms of Philippe Warin.

This love, Ingrid Chauvin’s son, Tom, has something to do with it. The actress revealed that she was somewhat remorseful over her son’s father’s divorce, but she was surprised when her son asked her why her mother didn’t have a boyfriend.

It started something in him since soon after, love came to welcome him and he had the face of Philippe Warin.

For Ingrid, this love is familiar,

“I didn’t meet, I found something. (…) we see each other as if we have not left each other ”.

Like what, life events are sometimes hard to live with and go through. However, if we agree to reopen ourselves in life, nothing can stop us from tasting happiness again.

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