Having a pet can be expensive every day. To save money with your dog or cat, zoom in on these tips!

500 €. This is the average cost that the French spend, each year, on food and veterinary costs for their pet, according to a study done by Royal Canin.

How to save money if you have a dog or cat?

Food, veterinary expenses, accessories… Costs related to the education of our four -legged friends go up quickly. Fortunately, there are a few deceptions CREATE storage, without tightening the belt too tightly. For example, you can take refuge in baskets and used game accessories available from some resellers. Also, note that you can call DIY to build a beautiful niche or usa beautiful wooden cat tree !

Reduce the cost of your pet: save on food

Another measure of respect to reduce the cost of your pet is attention to his diet. You can for example buy and kibble wholesalebut above all rely on good food so as not to be paid veterinary costs. For example, Royal Canin, a global player in animal nutrition, offers food tailored to the nutritional needs of each cat and dog. Some age, wilderness way of lifewilderness cut off, wilderness race, but also of their activity level considered.


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